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The Children Of Robert and Charlotta DADE LANKFORD / LANKFARD

I was doing some research in the Lankford/ Lankfard family. I was searching for Mr. and Mrs. Robert Louis / Lewis LANKFORD/ LANKFARD. As I was trying to compile a story on them, I began to see things. Here's some of my adventure.

I came across that Lewis LANKFORD married Miss Charlotta DADE on Jan 25, 1873 in Canton, Missouri. During the process of going back over the census records and information I have on the Lankford / Lankfard Family, I made some discoveries that I've over looked.

Mr. Robert Lankford / Lankfard
(1852 - 1919)

I can't recall when I made the discovery of Robert and Charlotta having 11 children. I had always thought that there were 9. But through research there were more. According to the 1910 census Charlotta was recorded of having 11 children. There were 9 living at the time the census was taken.

I've been searching back over what I have on The Lankford / Lankfard Children. I came up with a list of 13 of them. But, I believe that there were only 11 of them.

Mrs. Charlotta (DADE) Lankford / Lankfard
(1954 - 1924)

On the 1880 census; the Lankford children; recorded as the children of Lewis and Charlotta; were Jennie, James, Lula and Fred. I notice that James the oldest wasn't listed. It could be that James was recorded as Jennie and a female. Jennie and James born about the same year. I found no other record of Jennie Lankford only on the 1880 census.

On the other census records, the Lankford children included; Louis, Leo, Anna, Charles, Nymadula and Isabelle. This would make up the list of 9 children not 10. Here's the list of the Lankford names I first heard of.

James Lankford
Lula Lankford
Frederick Lankford
Louis Lankford
Leo Lankford
Alice Lankford
Charles Edward Lankford
Nymadula Lankford
Isabelle Lankford

Through the years, I came across two other names. There was a stillborn born in 1893. Another son listed on Charlotta Lankford's death record. His name was Isaac Lankford Jr. This has been a mystery to me since I received Charlotta's death record.

The stillborn was listed on a book at the located library in St. Joseph, Missouri. The names Robert and Charlotta Lankford was listed as parents. This could be one of the children of the 11 that wasn't living on the 1910 census.

As for Isaac Lankford, I don't think was the correct name on Charlotta's death record. The source was from the undertaker. I think the son listed could have been Louis Lankford. There were only three of Charlotta's sons living in New York at the time of her passing.

Frederick, Louis and Nymadula were in New York. There son the was giving the information to the undertaker could have been Louis. I have not found any record on Isaac Lankford Jr.

As for the other Lankford / Lankfard children. That child was born after the 1900 census. The children passed away before the 1910 census was taken.

The list of Robert and Charlotta's children

James Andrew Lankford (1874 - 1957)
Lula Mae Lankford MADISON (1875 - 1961)
Frederick Lankford born 1878
Louis Lankford ( 1882 - 1967)
Leo Lankford ( 1884 - 1954)
Anna Alice Lankford SMITH ( 1885 - ? 1960's)
Charles Edward Lankford born in 1890
Stillborn Girl Lankford (1893 - 1893)
Nymadula Lankford born leap day 1896
Isabella V. Lankford NICKERSON (1898 - 1938)
Unknown Name Lankford born after the 1900 census

If Jennie Lankford and Isaac Lankford Jr. were on the Lankford / Lankfard Family tree, I only came across one record of them both. It reminds mystery. However the stillborn and the unknown Lankford / Lankfard children were recorded with two records. The stillborn death was recorded. And the 1910 census listed that Charlotta had 11 children.

It's interesting to look at what we search for from time to time. We can over look things in the process of compiling what we've discovered over the years. I will go back over what I have again and again. Perhaps I missed something.

My Journey Continues...

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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