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The Isaac and Rachel Blakey Family Connections: Mary [Blakey] WHITE Green:

I've been tracing the whereabouts of  Mary ( BLAKEY) GREEN.
What have I discovered about  Mrs. Ollie Green?

Mary BLAKEY was born on July 3, 1874 in Natchez,  Mississippi. She was  the first daughter of Isaac BLAKEY and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY.  Mary was listed on the 1880 census with her Grandmother, Julia WHITE, who was the head of household.

Also in that same household with Mary, were her parents, Isaac and Rachel, Mary's siblings, John Andrew, Julia and Henry, her uncles, Spencer, John, David, Josh, an aunt, Martha and cousins, Rebecca and Andrew. On the 1880 census, the family surname was WHITE. 

Here's some info I thought to share. I added some of my thoughts and discoveries.
I hope someone sees or finds more family connections. 

----- Info from Blakey Blakley White Family Reunion Booklet: Oral History ----

"Rev. Ollie and Mary (Blakey) Green were another couple who came to South Dakota from Missouri. Aunt Mary was the oldest one in the Isaac Blakey Sr. family.  She was born in Natchez, Mississippi and moved to Forest Green, Missouri at an early age.

She married Ollie Green, and later they moved to Yankton. Aunt Mary was known for her kind heart and  her good cooking and baking. Although they had no children of their own, they helped care for everyone else. I know that when the Hayes family was left without a mother, they always looked out for them.

Uncle Ollie Green was a brick tender. I have heard that he was the best there was around these parts. Aunt Mary worked as a domestic in homes."

------- Info from Blakey Blakley White Family Reunion Booklet :  Oral History ----
"Now as the Allen Chapel A.M.E of Yankton celebrates its 100th year, there is another church that must be mentioned. As I have told you in the other stories, I was you and can only tell you what I remember. I would say maybe somewhere about 1912, there were a lot of Blacks here through the Blakey Exodus from Missouri.

The Blakeys had been Baptist in Missouri and became Methodist upon arriving in Yankton. However, some wanted to remain Baptist.  When Rev. Ollie and Mary Green arrived, They thought there should be a Baptist Church. In talking with Tom Douglas, who I should say here had been owned  ,by two slave masters and also used the other name of Christopher Columbus Yancey at times, he donated land located at 10th and Summit Street to construct the Second Baptist Church.

We went to church at the A.M.E. in the morning and went up "on the hill" on Sunday afternoons. these churches in Yankton were unique as we were nearly all related and we depended on each other. Anything that was for the good or bad for us was discussed at the Churches.

The N.A.A.C.P meeting were held there. Some of the people I remember that attended Second Baptist were  Deacon Ernest Hayes, Deacons John Henry Blakey,  those two Deacons continued having services there until in the late 1960's, Dick and Edner Bentley, Ed and Lillie Hayes,  I can remember a Rev. Monroe, Archie, Eddie and Emerson Jackson, Dick, Earldean, Dorothy and Georgia Hayes.

The little Church does not stand any more, but the memories will last a life time."

------- Some of my discoveries and Thoughts -----

I was searching the MO marriage records for Mary and Ollie. I couldn't find a Mary BLAKEY who married an Ollie GREEN. I'm not for sure but, Mary appeared to had kept the WHITE surname.

I did come across an Ollie Green who married Mary WHITE in Missouri on July 28, 1889. The father of Mary White was Isaac White. I believe that this Isaac was Isaac BLAKEY.

I continued to trace Ollie and Mary Green whereabouts in Missouri. On the 1900 census records, Mary was listed as having one child, who was living at the time of the census. However, the child wasn't listed in the household with Mary. On the 1910 census, Mary was listed as having a child, but the child was listed as deceased.

I have located Ollie's and Mary's whereabouts as they moved to South Dakota. It was about 1912. They appeared on the 1915, 1920, 1925 , 1930, 1935 and 1940 censuses in South Dakota. Mary's name appeared in the 1945 SD census, Ollie did not.

It's most likely, Ollie and Mary passed on in Yankton, South Dakota.  I searched the death record index for Yankton. I came across an Olive Green who passed on March 17, 1945. This Olive could have been Ollie Green. And a Mary Green who passed on Feb 17, 1949 in Yankton, South Dakota.

I  have been  searching for obituaries. I came across Mary's named mentioned in some one of her siblings' obituary in 1943. However, she wasn't listed in another sibling's obituary in 1952.  I believe that the Mary Green who passed in 1949 was Mary (BLAKEY / WHITE) GREEN.

Perhaps someone may know more Ollie and Mary.
I hope to make some discoveries in the future.
What happened to Ollie and Mary Green?
I'm awaiting to come across more records as more info are available to the public.

Thanks for reading.

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