Monday, April 16, 2012

Piecing Together The South Dakota And California BLAKEYs

I've come a long ways. There is so much information that I have come across. I started out around the mid 1970's and get serious in the 1980's.

My desire to know more has increased over the years. There is more information that's available to search. The 1940 census came out on April 2, 2012. I found some of the Blakeys in Yankton, South Dakota.

I've been searching for Mattie White and her descendants at the time of this blog. I'm trying to piece together some of the family history. As I've looked over some of my Grandfather John's half brothers' and sisters' information. I see some connections.

Some of the BLAKEYs moved to California about 1929, 1930's and 1940's.
I have located some of them.

What year did they go to California?  Perhaps around 1929.
Wonder why they wanted to move west?
Did Lillie and Edward HAYES move to CA?
Lillie and Edna moved to the same cities in MO and SD.

The BLAKEYs who lived in California.

Ollie and Margaret CARSON BLAKEY
I have located them on the 1930 census
They were buried in CA.

Jordan and Flora E. BLAKEY
I have located them on the CA voting records.
Flora passed away in CA.
Jordan moved to Michigan and passed away there.

I have located her on the CA voting records
Edna was buried in CA.

Lawhorn and ? BLAKEY
I have located him

Archie T. and Flora BLAKEY
I have located them on the CA voting records.
Archie was buried in CA.

But there is a mystery.
Jordan married a Flora. So did Archie Blakey.
I can't figure out which one had children.
There was a Flora with maiden name Lawrence, She had children.
I assume that she was Jordan's wife.

But one of this Flora's son was named Thomas Blakey Jr.
Archie's middle name searched with a T.  Flora E.  had about 4 or 5 children. I think I have leads on one of Flora's son. He had about 5 to 11 children.

Here's the memorial in South Dakota of Florance Blakey. She could be the wife  or child of one of the Blakeys in South Dakota. I don't know.

Here are the memorial for the South Dakota and California Blakeys

I'm still looking into the mystery of the California Blakeys.
I haven't located them on the 1940 Census.
That will take some time without an index.

Also I came across more information on The Richard and Jane (FERGURSON) WHITE Connections in CA ~> Alex and Alberta (WHITE) MORRIS.

Staying On The Family History Journey,


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