Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday's Mystery: Matt White And The Great Grandmother

I've been searching for info on my slavery Blakey / White Family Connections for years. And through the years, I have found some info. I believe that there's more waiting to be discovered.

 In the beginning of my search,  I knew just little about my family connections.  Back in the mid 1970's, I became interested in my family history after reading an article. It was entitle: Slavery Descendants To Have First Reunion.  

The above sections of the article is speaking of the family living in Forest Green, Missouri.
The family surname was WHITE. One of the children took the BLAKEY surname.
 Who was Matt White?  Matt was my Great Grandfather's Isaac Blakey's sister.  Her real name was Martha White.  Matt or Mattie was her nickname. The article stated that Matt White never married. I haven't found any record of her marrying.

Who was the Great Grandmother? I'm not for sure who the writer of the article was speaking of. The person or people being interviewed could have been speaking of their Great Grandmother. The mother's name wasn't mentioned in this article dated circa 1970.

 In 2015, I made the discovery the mother mentioned in this article was  my Great Grandfather's mother, Julia (Finney) White. She would have been the Great Grandmother who was buried in Forest Green, Missouri.

Monday's Mystery:
I can't locate Mattie White's death record. There were two relatives stating that she passed in Forest Green, Missouri in the 1940's.. I though maybe Mattie passed on in another state. Or perhaps Mattie or Martha wasn't her first name. Also she could have married.

I did make a lot of discoveries on Mattie. She did have off springs.  I have spoken with someone who knew her. He doesn't recall Mattie being married. But knew she had a daughter named Bob Ella Bentley.

If you like to read what I have discovered on Mattie, click on The Julia White Connection: The Assumption Of The Life Of Mattie White    I need to update some of Martha White Family Connections. I hope some of Mattie's descendants will come across this blog.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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