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Tracing The LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family Surname: Through James

Was his name, James Andrew Lankford?
James Andrew LANKFARD? Or both?

James was the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.
He was their first born son, on October 26, 1874, in Monticello, Missouri. 
His year of birth could have been in 1873.

According to city directories, his surname varied from
 Lankford, Langford and Lankfard.
He was first listed on the 1894 city directory with the LANGFORD surname.
and 1894 - 1897 with the surname LANKFORD.
In 1898 he was listed with both the LANKFARD and LANKFORD surname.

James on the census records:
1880: Wasn't listed

According to the U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
His name was James Andrew LANKFARD in the year 1943.
So which surname was the one for James?
Here's an excellent example.
 I noted it when I first read it. You should too.

This post card written on Feb 1, 1910. It was addressed to Mrs. Sallie J. LANKFARD. 
The sender was Louis "Add" LANKFARD, Sallie's brother in law.
Subject was on Sam LANGFORD, the boxer.

I haven't found any Lankfard family connections with Sam Langford.
According to the WWI draft registration signature:
James signed his name as James Andrew LANKFARD.
According to his death record the informant, stated his name as
 James Andrew LANKFORD.
In his obituary, surname spelled LANKFORD.
I believe that James' surname was spelled LANKFARD. Yes, there were other records with his surname LANKFORD.  I'm going by how James signed his surname on documents and how his sibling spelled the surname on the post card. And it was spelled LANKFARD.
(1874 - 1957)
James "Jim" Andrew LANKFARD
James was my Great Uncle.
Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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