Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy Twenty Sixteen!

Welcome to the New Year!

Hope you have a wonderful start for the year.

In Family History: January Remembrances 
I need to update the Remembrances each year.

Here are some of my highlight blogs for the Year  2015!
I made a lot of discoveries on the Lankford / Lankfard Family Connections
I'm sorting out what I have stumbled across.

I shared some Mondays Mysteries. There are so many mysteries. Each clue I discover makes me think more.

I shared some of my Tuesdays Treasures. Every source I come across is a treasure. Thankful for the people who have added to family connections.

I shared some things about the life of Mrs. Anna Laura WASHINGTON WALTERS. I wish I could discover more on Anna's family lineage.  She had cousins living in St. Joseph.

I hope to share some of what I've discovered in 2015. I need to review the information that I have come across. There is so much that I have to update and make corrections.

I hope to find more family connections this year.  May the journey ahead be an adventure. May the Lord guide us along the way.

Happy Twenty Sixteen!

 Thanks for reading.

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