Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dividing Family Connections Into Groups

It's been a very interesting month of February. I came across more discoveries. I'm so excited.  There were a few mysteries that I've stumbled across which lead more to know a little more relatives. Thank You, Jesus!

Since, I began my journey on this website, I'm adding more and more information. I've come to a point to where I had to make a decision. I think it will be easier to figure out which family connections are connected to who's. So, I'm dividing family connections into groups.

On this Family Connections site, I'll start posing on...
My father's mother's side:
The Descendants of  Elias W. BARTLETT SR.

My mother's mother's father:
The Descendants of Isaac and Frances (OVINGTON) DADE.
My mom's, mother's side:
The Descendants of William / John and Susan (LEACH) WASHINGTON.

I started another site: on my dad's father's side: The Blakey, Blakley White Family Connections.  I will add this link to this site when I post. I hope this will help. ~ In all my family connections are tied up in all the groups.

I want to thank all who are reading Family Connections. I hope that others will discover more about their family connections. May we remember to record or write down what we know and discover about our family history.  And most important, share with others so that our family connections will be remembered from generations to generations. God Bless you.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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