Monday, June 20, 2016

Making More Discoveries On The World Wide Web: My Family Connections

Ever since I made the connection with the internet, I started searching for the things I like. I grow in understanding some things. I was drawn to know more about my family history.

In the beginning as I keep finding things on my family history, I was led to a website. At first, I didn't want to try it. But, I decided take a step to further my research.

I became a member of on June 20, 2007. They offered a 14 day trail run. I went for it. And I got hooked.

I was on this site every day. I  began to find more on my family tree. Through the years, I built my family connections. I continue to search and find new clues.

I know it costs to be on If you're wanting to find your family connections, you have to pay for it. Also it's good to share what you know with others.

There are a lot of private family tree on I'm thankful for the ones that are made public. There should be anything to hide when family members have gone on. That's public info.

I know that there are free website to search for family connections. I use them too. We need a variety of sources to make our family history complete.  We need people to share what they know.

May we not be afraid to share what we know about our family connections.
May we build our family history.
May we persevere what we know about our ancestors for future generations.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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