Monday, June 13, 2016

Thinking About My Great Grandmother Anna Walters

My Great Grandmother Anna Laura (Washington) Allen Walters was born on June 13, 1867 in St. Joseph, Missouri.  She was the daughter of  former slaves, William / John Washington and Susan (Leach) Washington. Anna was the widow of William / Robert Allen and Thornton Walters. She was the mother of Mary (Allen) Lankford / Lankfard, Mary / Bonita (Walters) Nelson and Joseph Walters.

It’s been a challenge to discover info on Anna’s parents, siblings and relatives. According to Anna’s obituary she had cousins. I continue to search for leads.  I haven’t gotten far.

I’m assuming Anna’s cousins were on her father’s side. I came across many Washingtons in the city where they lived during the 1870’s to 1920’s. It’s hard to figure out who was related.

It’s strange how things come about in life. If we don’t keep in touch, we can lose track of relatives.  If we don’t tell others that we are related, we will never know. It’s good to keep know and keep in contact with relatives.

It’s good to pass on info on who’s who in the family. Things can get lost through the generations. I’m finding out that the DNA testing is a good source to use. I’m finding relatives that way too. I pray that others will make some connections.

I’ve notice that while searching for my ancestors, it has opening me up. It makes me what to know more. I can think about them.  I wonder what happened to them. Where they did ended up?  Did they have off springs.

May we continue to have some wonder about our ancestors.
May we see the good in life as we grow in wisdom.

Thanks for reading.

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