Thursday, June 30, 2016

Family Connections' 7th Anniversary: Journey Continues

What was the first title of my first blog on Family Connections? It was In the beginning . I've come a long way since my first post.  Indeed, I have.

I think, I've discovered more than I thought I would over the 7 years. This month alone, I came across some interesting things. I can't share them all. But, I plan to blog on some of things I've stumbled upon.

I've made some changes over the years. I had to divided how I posted my family connections. I've found so many people to add to my family tree. I thought, if others in my family are searching, they wouldn't know which family was which.

If you think about it. we have some much in our family history. We can only share what we think is interesting. Everything that we discover has some value in itself. We have to realize that.

Each one of us have stories to tell and stories to share. Yes we can omit what we don't what others to know about. Or we can share what we know, in a way that it can bring more beauty to our family history. 

I've come across information. I'm wondering, how I should share.  All families have their pain and struggles. Everything that our ancestors and relatives went through is important. They were humans too. We can only imagine how they have lived.

I know that there are things that shouldn't be told. It's a matter of personal taste, timing to release confidential info. Especially for those who are still living. We should respect others' privacy.

I've found some relatives through this blog and many on the world wide web.  I hope others will search for their long lost relatives too. I believe that there are many who are searching. I hope you make your family connections.

For those who are searching for your roots and family.
May you continue to keep searching.
May you believe that there is more out there.
May you learn to share what you have discovered with good judgment.

The more you want to know, the more you will want to search.
I've been searching for over 40 years.
I'm making more discoveries as I keep searching.
I believe that there's more out there to be discovered.
Happy Searching!

Thanks for reading.

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