Monday, November 1, 2010

Update On Family Search

I thought to post an update on my research. Every little clue helps out on the journey. I'm still looking for obituaries, news clippings, wedding invitations, old letters, post cards and so forth.

On My Mother's Side: Mary Allen and Leo Lankford Sr:
The Lankford Connections with Washington, Walters, Ovington, Dade Connections

I have come across a few more Hendred Searching. They are on the Louisa Jane / Janie DADE WASHINGTON side. I found them on I haven't heard from them.

I posted some blogs on the Connections of Frances OVINGTON DADE's children

Louisa Jane / Janie DADE WASHINGTON



Working on...
Louis Newton DADE

On My Father's side: Jennie Bartlett and John Blakley Blakey with Hooper, Blakey-White connections

I have come across little information every now and than.  Every little clue helps. I'm going back over what information that I have on I may come across more by doing this.

I've been searching on the in laws ..I'm going back to at least the cousin's / Aunts'/ Uncles' in laws to their parents or grandparents in some cases. I think the more I can add it might link up with people who didn't know where their ancestor went.

I'm still on the quest to find more.
I think that there is more.
I just don't know where to search.

Staying On The Journey,Susan

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