Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mysteries To Uncover: Part One

Happy New Year! Welcome to Twenty Eleven!

The year has begun. I'm hoping to find more on my family history. There are things on my journey that I want to search out. I think if I keep searching, I might find more than what I'm searching for.
Here are a few mysteries that I still want to uncover: What a mystery!
On My Mother's Father's Side: 

Where was Charlotta Dade on the 1870 census?
I believe that she was in Canton, Missouri with her family.
Her parents: Isaac and Frances Dade were listed in Canton, MO 1870.

How long were the Dades in Missouri? Charlotta was born in Missouri in 1854. Don't know when Isaac and Frances Dade came to Missouri.

There is little know on the Lankford side. What happened to Mamie Morton, the sister of Robert Louis Lankford? Was Morton Mamie's last name?  Robert and Mamie had the same mother. One of the Morton slave owners was the father.

Where did Robert Louis Lankford come from on KY?
On his death record it states B----town, KY
What brought him to Canton, Missouri?

On My Mother's Mother's Side:

Where was Anna Laura Washington Allen Walters on the 1900 census? Anna or Laura surname at that time was a WALTERS. I think the Walters surname was misspelled. Trying to find out what surname her daughter Mary Allen with by. Anna had another daughter. Question if her name was Mary too.

When did Anna Walters' father, William or John Washington died?  William/John was living when his 2nd wife Maliha Hill Washington died in 1921.

When did Anna's siblings and step brother and sister died! Anna had two brothers: James A. Washington and William or John Washington Jr. William or John was a widow on the 1910 census.

Anna had a step brother, Townsend Wynn and step sister, Ida Buckner. There mother was Maliah Hill Wynn Washington. There isn't much know on Anna's sister Lillie Washington. What happened to Anna's sister Lillie?

On My Father's Father's Side: 

What about the slaves in this slave ad?
Where did they go?
Who were their new slave owners?
There should be some record of these transactions.

How did Isaac reconnect with his family in Chariton and Howard Counties in Missouri? Story has it he found some of his family members in Natchez, Missouri.

Isaac perhaps started searching after he served in the Civil War in May 1866. Isaac and his 2nd wife Rachel were listed with his mother Julia and some siblings on the 1880 census in Missouri.

Where were Isaac and Martha (Scott) Blakey on the 1870 census? Isaac and Martha could have married in 1867.  I haven't located their marriage record in MS.

Where was Isaac's mother, Julia White on the 1870 census? There was a Jula White with 4 children in Iowa with similar children names. Expect there was a Thomas.

The story has it Julia White went to Natchez MS. I can't located her or her other children of the 1870 census in Mississippi. Where were Julia's other children on the 1870 census?

About Julia White's daugthers, Martha White and Mattie White....Where they the same person? I have located a Mattie White with an Ella White. Ella was Mattie's daughter. This Mattie live near an Andrew J. White who married a Laura.

Could Andrew White have been a cousin? His father was named Isaac White born about 1800 in VA. Isaac lived next door to Julia White in 1880.
What happened to Rebeca White's parents? Rebecca was the granddaughter of Julia White. I think Rebecca was Julia's first child's daughter born in VA.

What about the other children of Julia White, Richard "Dick", Andrew, Linda, Mary, Ben, Joshua, Spencer, John and or others during the 1870's?

This is just a few things that I have thought about. Hope the find more this year. Exploring and Discovering what's out there.
Happy Searching!
Enter Into Twenty Eleven!

Staying On The Family History Journey,Peace Be With You!

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