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The Assumption Of The Life Of Charlotta Dade Lankford

Charlotta Dade Lankford
Charlottie Lankford
1852 - 1924
 I don't recall when I came across Great Grandma Charlotta's name. Perhaps when I saw some things written about my Grandfather Leo Lankford. More so, it was on Leo's death record. Charlotta's name it listed as his mother.

As I began to search on my family history, I try to piece together things about people. As I've been searching for information about Great Grandma Charlotta, I have come up with this.

Charlotta Dade was born to Frances Ovington and Isaac Dade in Jan 1852 in Missouri. She was on of 14 children. I have located about 3 of her siblings. Louisa Jane Dade Washington, Mary Ann Dade Madison and Louis Newton Dade. Seven of Charlotta's siblings died before 1900.

I haven't located Charlotta Dade on the 1870 census record. I think her name may have been spell in correctly. I have come across her marriage record. Miss Charlotta Dade married Lewis Lankford on 25 Jan 1873 in Lewis County, Canton, MO.

As for Charlotta's husband, Lewis or Robert Louis Lankford, he was listed on 1870 census as Lewis Langford. I'm not for sure if Lewis was Robert's first name. It wasn't until the 1890 and to the 1910 census that the name R. L. or Robert L. appeared. Robert appears to be the name he went by. Charlotta went by Lottie. Sometimes spelled Charlottie or Charlotte.

Robert and Charlotta had 10 or 11 children. I came across the 1920 MO census. Charlotta may have had 11 children. Nine were living at the time of the census. The census was faded and hard to read.

I was searching in the St. Joseph, MO public library for birth and death records. It was in the 1990's. I found a Lankford still born female on record in 1893. It was the actual record book. The mother was Charlotta Lankford. The father was Robert Lankford.

Charlotta was listed as having 10 children on the 1900 census. One child was not living. That child was believed to have been Jennie Lankford. I have found no additional information on her.

I have been seeing that Charlotta traveled to different States. She was listed in Denver, Colorado on a son's draft card.(Robert was listed in Denver in 1918. In 1923 Charlotta was in Denver. Than Eight months before she passed away she was living in the State of New York.

Charlotta's body was brought back to St. Joseph, MO for burial in April of 1924. There are still mysteries of who some of the Lankford children were. Who was Isaac Lankfard Jr.? He was listed on Charlotta Lankfard's death record. Addison and Louis Lankfard were the same person. Louis went by Addison his middle name. Perhaps Louis was the this Isaac Lankfard Jr.

I wrote a blog entitled: The Frances Ovington Dade Connection. Here's how I ended that blog.

"My 2nd Great Grandma Frances I found a lot about her as I did some re reading. I think most likely Frances was born into slavery. She was listed as black on the census records. She lived to see her freedom from slavery.

So who was Frances Ovington Dade?
She was the mother of Charlotta Dade Lankford.
Charlotta was the mother of Leo Lankford Sr.
Leo was the father of Lula Lankford...
Lula was my mother."

Some After Thoughts On My Research:
Great Grandma Charlotta was able to read and write. She listed as black and mulatto on the census records. By looking at the photo, she was a well kept woman. Charlotta was a house wife and did domestic work for a living.

Also during my search for Great Grandma Charlotta, I didn't realized that she lived with her children in Denver for some time. She moved to New York eight months before she passed.

Still hoping that I can locate Charlotta Dade on the 1870 Census.
I hope that she was counted.
My search continues...

Staying On The Family History Journey!

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