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Mysteries To Uncover: Part Two

Happy Twenty Eleven!

I hope to find more information on the Aunts in laws, Uncles in laws, cousins in laws and so forth. How people connect with the family tree is interesting. Some in laws lived in the same area.

On My Mother's Side:
What About My Uncles And Aunts By Marriage?

Uncle (Rev) Ali J. Johnson, who married
my Aunt Sarah Belle Lankford.
Sarah Belle Lankford
Mrs. Ali J. Johnson

 I can't remember what Uncle Ali looked like.
Nor have I seen a photo of him.
I heard that his father's name was Wilbur Johnson.

Uncle James Weston Jr. who married my Aunt Betty M. Lankford.

Mr. and Mrs. James Weston Jr.
Mrs. James Weston Jr.

 I have located Uncle Jim's death record.
Uncle Jim died young in an accident.

Uncle William "Willie" Farmer who married
my Aunt Leola Lankford.

Leola Lankford
Mrs. William Farmer

I heard that Uncle Willie came from Nebraska.
I think I have located him not for sure.
Aunt Leola and Uncle Willie run of and got married in Omaha, Nebraska.

Aunt Grace Smith Lankford who married my Uncle Robert L. Lankfard.

This Photo isn't of Grace Smith.
Photo of Irene Blakey
Mrs. Robert Lankfard Sr.
Robert Lewis Lankfard Sr.
Son of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankfard Sr.

I don't have a photo of Aunt Grace with Uncle Robert.
But I have their marriage certificate.
I have located Aunt Grace's death record.
Her last name was spelled Langford.

Uncle Robert's middle name was spelled Lewis.
On Jan 9, 2011;
I heard that Uncle Robert spelled his name
I don't know why most relatives spell their surname LANKFORD

Uncle Milton Vernon Thomas who married my Mary Viriginia Lankford.
I heard that they married in Savannah, Missouri.
I can't recall what Uncle Vernon looked like.
Mary Virgina Lankford
Mrs. Milton Vernon Thomas
I have located some of his lineage.
I didn't know that Uncle Vernon went by his middle name.
I see why. His father's name was Milton too.
Aunt Alice ? Lankford who married my Uncle Addison "Ad" Lankford.

Mr and Mrs. Addison "Ad" Lankford
Mrs. "Ad" Lankford
I  heard that Uncle Ad met Aunt Alice when he went up to Minnesota to visit Uncle Ike and Aunt Annie.
Uncle Ad and Aunt Alice fell in loved and were married at 2616 Locust by Reverend Ali J. Johnson.
Later Uncle Ad and Alice got a divorce.
Story has it Aunt Alice didn't tell Uncle Ad that she had children.

On My Father's Side:
What About My Uncles And Aunts By Marriage?

Aunt Alma or Lottie Nelson Suggs Blakley who married
my Uncle John Blakley.
John Blakley Jr.
Son of John and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Sr.
I think that Alma an Lottie were the same person.
Alma an Lottie has to different birth dates.
However I can't locate Alma's death record. Alma's middle initial was L.
I have not seen a photo of Aunt Alma or Lottie.

                Uncle Eugene Richardson who married my Aunt Mary Jane. Blakley.

Mary Jane Blakley
Mrs. Eugene Richardson

I don't know much about Uncle Eugene Richardson family.
He did have a brother.
Uncle Gene an Aunt Mary adopted their two daughters, Bonnie and Mary Kay.

Aunt Cora Hinch Blakley who married my Uncle Paul Blakley
Cora Hinch
Mrs. Paul Blakley

Paul Blakley
Son of John and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley
I don't know where Aunt Cora family came from.
She was older than Uncle Paul.
I have located when Aunt Cora died in 1976.

Uncle Paul and Aunt Cora adopted a son, James Green
and a daughter, Mary Alice Green.
It appears the children kept their Green surname.

Aunt Catherine ? Lyle who married
my Uncle Faris Chilton Lyle.

Faris C. Lyle
Son of Chilton and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Lyle
I don't know too much about Aunt Catherine.
Only what Uncle Faris wrote in his letters to me.
Aunt Catherine had 7 children.
Uncle Faris' and Aunt Catherine's only daughter died at the age of 5.

Hazel Blakley was the daughter of John and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley.
Hazel died at age 18.
Hazel V. Blakley
What was the story of Hazel's death?

Uncle Carl Jones Sr. who married
my Aunt Geneva Lyle in 1941.

Geneva Lyle
Mrs. Carl Jones Sr.
I don't know much about Uncle Carl nor what he looked like.
He was much older than Aunt Geneva.
Uncle Carl and Aunt Geneva were divorce.
There are other things I wonder....if could find out more.
Rev. Olbrey Pierson Blakley
Son on John and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Sr.
Uncle (Rev) Olbrey Pierson Blakley was a preacher...
Uncle Pierson was a chauffeur, a well dresser.
I'm not for sure how Uncle Pierison's first name is spelled.

Uncle John Blakley was an elder in Des Moines Iowa.
Either Uncle John or Uncle Pierson was a Methodist preach that travel to Chillicothe, Missouri.
One of the brothers could have lived their.
Or was an traveling Evangelist.

Like I said I hope the find more this year.
Still Exploring and Discovering what's out there.
Happy Searching!
Entering Into Twenty Eleven!

Staying On The Family History Journey,Peace Be With You!

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