Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lewis Lankford And Miss Charlotta Dade

Lewis Lankford
Robert Louis Lankford
1851- 1919

Miss Charlotta Dade
Charlotta / Lottie / Charlotte Dade
1852 -1924
On January 25, 1873 the two became one.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lankford.
Also Known As Mr. and Mrs. Robert Louis Lankford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis Lankford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Louis Lankfard

      Charlotta's parents, Isaac and Frances
(Ovington) Dade were witnesses to her marriage.
To this union came 10 or 11 children.

The couple resided in Lewis County in Missouri.
Cities of Canton, Monticello, MO.
They moved to St. Joseph, Missouri about 1890 or earlier.
Robert and Charlotta lived in Denver Colorado.
Charlotta lived in New York 8 months before her passing.
Both Robert and Charlotta weree buried in Ashland Cemetery,
 in St. Joseph, Missouri

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