Friday, February 11, 2011

In Memory of Anna Laura Walters

What have I discovered about my mother's mother's mother, Anna / Laura Washington Allen Walters? She was born on June 13, 1867 to a Susan LEACH ( 1845 - ca1888) and William J. WASHINGTON (1840 - 1920? ) in St. Joseph, MO. Her siblings were Nannie, Amelia, Virigina, Lillie, James. A. and William / John Washington Jr.

I can assume that Anna went by her middle name at times during her life. On her death record her first and middle names were Anna Laura. On other records she was listed as Laura.  

Laura / Anna married her first husband William Robert Allen on 6 March 1889. On their marriage record Anna went by Miss Laura Washington. William was Wm ALLEN.

Little is known about William Allen. He was born in Georgetown, MO about 1861. He couldn't read or write. He was a farm hand. Laura and William had a daughter together.

Laura / Anna and William daughter's name Mary Allen LANKFORD (1889 - 1975) who was my grandmother. The year of William's death is unknown. It may have been in 1889 and the early 1890.

Anna Laura Washington remarried to a Thornton Walters born in Lexington, Missouri. Anna and Thornton had a daughter Mary WALTERS born about 1890. And a son Joseph WALTERS (1893-1926).

According to a city director, Anna was the widow of Thornton about 1898. There was another Thornton Walters listed. I can't determine who he was. Perhaps they were related. Then there was a Thornton Walters who downed in 1903.

The year when Laura / Anna married Thornton WALTERS is not known. There is little information known about Thornton. I can't locate him on any census in Missouri.
It was within ten years that Anna / Laura became a widowed two times. She had to raise three children. I have searched the census records. On the 1910 census Anna was listed as having 3 children.

These pieces of papers were found in Mary Allen Lankford's home. It was a note on Anna Laura Walters' life...
Here's more
I've been trying to find Anna on the 1900 census. I'm having no luck. I want to see if her daughter Mary Allen went by the Walters name. Wondering if there were two Mary Walters.

Staying On The Journey Of Discoveries
On Laura  / Anna Walters

My Grandmother Mary ALLENs mother
My mother, Lula LANKFORD's Grandma Anna.
My Great Grandmother Laura / Anna Washington Allen Walters died on 11 Feb 1947.
She was a domestic worker. Note: Anna was listed as Laura in most of the records I have come across.


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