Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Delilah "Lillie" Lewis

What can I say about Delilah "Lillie" Lewis? 
She was on my mother's mother's mother's side of the family.

I first came about Lillie Lewis during the 1980s. She was listed on the 1880 Missouri census as the mother in law to my 2nd Great Grandfather, William J. WASHINGTON. William's wife, Susan LEACH's mother. Lillie Lewis who was 93 years old from South Carolina. But, Susan was 36.

I can assume that Lillie was Susan's grandmother. Susan's mother could have been named Lillie Lewis or Lillie Leach. That could have made the mix up with what was recorded on the census.

But, being a mother at 93 to someone who's 36. Lillie would have been 57 when she gave birth to Susan. That would have been a miracle.

I have searched the St. Joseph, Missouri City Directors. I found that Lillie Lewis who lived with the Washington Family. I can traced a Lillie Lewis to 1888 in the city director. I'm not for sure if she was the Lillie Lewis I'm looking for. She may have died between 1880 to 1888.

(Update: I have located a Delilah Lewis buried some where in Mount Mora Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri. She passed in April 1887. I believe that this Deliliah was "Lillie".)

There was another Lillie Lewis in St. Joseph, Missouri. I can assume that the Lillie Lewis I'm searching for had passed away around 1888.. I think that there were two Lillies with the Lewis surname.

There isn't much known about Lillie Lewis. She was born around 1787 in Kentucky. Her parents were from South Carolina. I can't trace when Lillie came to Missouri. Some how she made her way to Missouri.

I searched the city directories in St. Joseph, Missouri. I believe that Lillie's name could have been Delilah. I came across a Delilah Lewis once. I can recall which city directory. Also there was a black, Lila Lewis. I don't know if she was related.

In all, I'm glad that I know something about Lillie Lewis. She lived to be counted on the 1880 Missouri Census. That's a very good thing.

There was a photo that I found in my Grandmother Mary Allen Lankford's home in the middle 1970's. I believe that the older lady in this photo could be Lillie Lewis or if not the mother of William John Washington. I don't know. It could be on the Lankford side. Here's the mystery photo!

Unknown Relatives

While On The The Family History Journey,
Delilah "Lillie" Lewis

She was my 4th Great Grandmother
Susan means Lillie.
Perhaps that how Susan Leach got her name, Susan.



  1. So I was looking thru an old bible and found this funeral notice so I wanted to see if it was thru you her name was lillie g lewis. Barried in mt hope cemetery sept 30 18880

  2. Email me at jamestheline@gmail.com and I will send you a picture of the notice

  3. Jolly Jolly James thanks for your comment on Lillie G Lewis. What was the year of Lillie's birth? Any relatives mentioned in the funeral notice? Mt Hope Cemetery...Where is that located? I found a Delilah "Lillie" Lewis that was buried in Mount Mora Cemetery in April 1887.