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An Assumption Of The Life of Robert Louis Lankford

Who was Robert Louis Lankford?
He was also known as Lewis Lankford
According to Robert Louis Lankford's Missouri death record, he was born on February 22, 1851 in B**** town, Kentucky. I can't read the Kentucky town. His parents were unknown. According to the census records, Robert's parents were from Kentucky.

I can assume that Robert as born into slavery. He was listed as black. Some how he made his way to Missouri. I have located him in Lewis County on the 1870 census.

His name was Lewis Langford. Lewis was a boarder. He lived with Samuel and Serilda Green. Lewis' occupation was a boatman.  

Three years later, on Jan 23, 1873 Lewis Lankford married a Miss Charlotta Dade in Lewis County Missouri. Charlotta's parents, Isaac and Francis Dade were witnesses to the marriage.

Also, I noticed on the 1870, Lewis was living next door to Mary Ann (Dade) Madison. Mary Ann was Charlotta's sister. Perhaps that was how Lewis and Charlotta met.

In this union of Lewis and Charlotta, they had 11 children. Here's the list of their children. James Andrew Lankford, Jennie Lankford, Lula May Lankford Madison, Frederick Lankford, Louis Add Lankford, Leo Lankford, Anna Alice Lankford Smith, Charles Edward Lankford, Stillborn (daughter) Lankford, Numadula Lankford and Isabelle V. Lankford Nickerson. There is a mystery of a Lankford child. Isaac Lankford Jr.

Some time before or around 1890, Lewis and Charlotta moved to St. Joseph, Missouri. By 1898, Lewis was going by the name of Robert Louis Lankford. He was listed in the 1890 St. Joseph, Missouri city directory as R. Louis Lankferd.

Robert was listed as a boatman, a laborer, stone mason, a builder,a contractor. I can assume that he did work on houses and did chimney work. Something late in October of 1919, Robert had an accident. He injured his leg.

On November 14, 1919 Robert passed away. Cause of death accidental fell. His doctor was Dr. Crossland. His was laid to rest in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Robert L. Lankford was buried on November 1919 at Ashland Cemetery.
Oral History States: Robert was said to have owned about 40 acres of land. Don't know what happened to the land. This building still stands today.

Robert and Charlotta with their 7 children.
They lived on 2411 Messanie Street in St. Joseph, Missouri
Photo taken in 1892
There is a family story of Robert Lankford having a half sister named Maime Morton. Robert and Maime had to same mother. It was said that Maime was the slave owner's daughter. I've not found information on Miamie Morton. Perhaps she married. She was said to have remind in Kentucky.

I don't know if Robert had any other siblings. I did come across a black, Anna "Annie" Lankford who married Westley Johnson in Lewis County in 1871. Anna was from Kentucky born about 1848.

Also, I've heard that some of the MORTONS from Kentucky moved to St. Joseph, Missouri. Hannah Wilson B. Morton widow of Rev. David Morton. Son's Joseph, and Daniel Morton. The Mortons were from Russleville, Logan Kentucky area.

Robert L. Lankford's son, Leo knew the Mortons. Perhaps worked for them. The Mortons hired some of Leo's children to do some of their domestic house work for them.

I see that there was a connection with the Mortons and Lankfords. When Leo Lankford passed away one of the Mortons attended his funeral in September of 1954 in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Some Of My After Thoughts:
A picture can say a thousand words. I see that Robert Louis Lankford wore eye glasses...He was a well dressed man. On the census records it stated that Robert couldn't read or write. I don't know. He had some know on or experience in building and construction work. He knew some kind of skill.

Great Grandpa's appearance speaks well of him. He may have had another ethic origin in him. He didn't appear to have been all African descent. He will a well keep man.

Robert Louis Lankford live to be 58 years old. An accident ended his life. He memories lived on with his family.

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