Thursday, October 13, 2011

Being Born Last In My Family

I have been pondering about my up bringing. I cannot recall when I was told how many brothers and sisters I had. I just recall that we had a house full.

There were times in my life, friends would ask me, How does it feel being born the last in my family? I have heard "the old saying" of the world that the first and the last child was born by accident. Those children were most likely not planned.

As I have an a Christian, I don't see the as the truth. By no means any child is born by accident. God has a purpose for all children born in which ever way they come into this world; Those births by married women and singled women.

All births are in God's plan. God knew about my birth long before my parents were conceived. Even so, God knew how many children my parents would have. My parents only wanted 2 boys and 2 girls

My parents David and Lula with their 18 on the Last Day of 1976
I'm sitting on the floor on the right.

I remember my Mother talking to someone about her children. She said that her doctor told her the she was a "breeder". And that she could have had as many children as she wanted. My parents love children.

My Mother and my father decided to have more child after the birth of my brother who is 16 months older than me. Yes, I was my parents' last bundle of joy. When I was born, I became blessed. Here is a photo of my parents.
My mother was almost 43. My Father was about 49 1/2. They were Grandparents as well. They did not have a name for me. My mother said that my father came into the hospital room and said let's call her Susan.

I was a daddy's girl. Yes, I was spoiled. I was my parents' 4th daughter. The oldest girl died about 30 days old. My parents had only 15 sons.

There are some advantages of being the youngest. I don't recall my parents ever spanking me. There voices were good enough for me to stay out of trouble.

There was always someone to play games with and help me out with my homework. When I was in school some of the teachers already knew who I was. Some taught some of my siblings. Us kids looked some what alike.

There were some of my siblings who were teaching in the Public Schools. When I was in Middle School and High School, I had a sibling teacher there where I attended. I saw that as an advantage. None of my siblings were my teachers.

Then there were questions...Here is one. How did you eat? My reply. When it came time to eat we ate. We had a lot of food to eat too.

On My Journey Of Transformation
There are times when I am out and about, there would be people who knows my last name just by looking at me. I never met most of this people I come across. I wondered how they knew my name.

I ask some of the people...How did they know my last name? They say that they can tell the resembles from some of my siblings. It is our eyes, the people say.

People continue to ask me which one are you? Some things I would say my name. Then there are times when I say "I am the baby or I am the last one".

Would it be something if people could look a Christians and see some characteristic of God and know who Christian are. Being known by our Father's image. Reflecting from the light that is of God.

May your light of God shine for into the world around you. May your spirit that is of God be seen in others in your world. May God bless you on your journey of life.

While On The Journey,
Being Born Last In The Family

Thanks for reading.
Blessings to all,

From my Book of Thanks and Blessings
Heavenly Father, I thank You that I am one of Your beloved daughters. I thank You that I was born for a purpose. I thank You that You birth me into a godly family.

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