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Reflecting On The Journey To Yankton, South Dakota ~ Part 2

October  1981 , On the Road to Yankton, SD
The Journey Begins---The Road To Yankton

"This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it".
The New King James Version
But still I rejoiced because the LORD made this day.... 
This posting is the continuation from yesterday blog

Entry September 1, 1985.
It was about two days before we plan our trip to Yankton, [S.D.] however there was another problem [My] Mother did not want me to go. I was about 18 at that time. My mother felt that I should not go.

I wanted badly to go. Somehow my sister [Mary] talked our mother into letting me go. My mother told me she did not trust the driving on the highway. I did get to go. I was excited.

It was the day before Halloween [Eve of Reformation Day]. We, my sister, Mary and her boyfriend [Roger] started on our journey to Yankton, South Dakota. Again there was another problem, however we solved it a day ahead of time. My sister's boyfriend's car was still in the shop. My sister had to take her car instead.

After we packed our bags into my sister's car [we were about ready to go.] It was about 2:30 PM. We were on our way. I have never been far out of Missouri. Yankton was about roughly a 5 hour drive. I was use to three or less.

As we left St. Joseph, Missouri, I began imaging what I might encounter ? I enjoyed watching the landscape as we pass town to town. It began to get boring about an hour and half after we left. I decided to put my seat belt on and go to sleep.

However I did not sleep long. My sister's boyfriend drove fast..... I courageously stayed up the rest of the way. I began observing the scenery once more. The land began to have higher hills than in St. Joseph.

I will write a little of what the next few entries were about: September 2 - 3, 1985...

I wrote down what I saw in description on the Road to Sioux City, Iowa. And then while we made the stop at my sister's boyfriend's sister's house, we met the sister in law of the cousin that we were going to met in Yankton.

I will pick up with the entry on September 4, 1985.

We arrived at [my sister's boyfriend's sister,] Terri's house about 7 o'clock. We all got unpacked. We had an opportunity to met one of our cousin's sister in law. She was half Indian....

[Yeah,] We met a sister in law of the person who we were going to met. She was very fair skinned and had jet black hair. She was half Indian. I was wondering if Mary Jane, our cousin would have the same quality skin as her sister in law.

The next morning, I woke [up] and was ready to go. It was Halloween Day. First we decided to let Al, Terri's husband drive us to Yankton. We didn't know the way. It was about 10:30 AM or 11 o'clock in the morning when we left for Yankton. We knew where we were heading but [we] did not know exactly how to get there.

Entry September 5, 1985...

After we, my sister Mary and her boyfriend, Roger, Roger's sister Terri and Terri's husband, Al and their daughter Tiffany [we] were set to go. Al drove. Roger was in the front with him. All the girls sat in the back. I was in the middle. Mary was on my left. Terri and Tiffany on the right.

The roads leading from Iowa to South Dakota were similar all the way. Farm houses were surrounded by tall trees. The land seemed flat compared to the small hills in the foreground. We entered South Dakota. The highway scenery to have more hills.
I will stop here... Meanwhile I will recap a little bit about what I shared in last week's posting about my father's lineage. Our surname was changed at some points during one generation to the next. BLAKEY was one of our names.

My first contact was a cousin, Mary Jane who wanted us to come up to Yankton, S.D. so she could fill us in on the family history. Mary Jane told us we had a Great Aunt Mary, Mary Jane's Grandmother who wanted to met us. Mary Jane heard the story of the Blakeys from her Grandmother who helped raise her.
What am I thankful for ? I am thankful for the covenant blessing of HELP that God has upon my life. I am grateful that God has given me the covenant blessing of LIFE . A life worth living.

I want to thank you, my viewers who are reading and or making comment(s) on my weblog. I truly appreciate that you take the time to visit my website. I also thank those who take the time to add more smiles into my days. God bless you.

What ever day that you read this entry. Have A Great Day!
It's the Dawning Of A NEW DAY!
The Road To Yankton continues on the next posting.
~ Susie ~
"Sincere regret for wrong never weakens, but always strengthens the heart."
Matthew Henry

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