Friday, October 28, 2011

Reflecting On The Journey To Yankton South Dakota: Introduction

It was 30 years ago on October 30, 1981, when I began the journey to Yankton, South Dakota. Then, I was trying to find out more about my father's father's family.
I didn't know much then.

Now, nearing my 30th year from that journey, I know a lot more than I could ever imagine. I've been journaling on some of the things I've discovered over the past 30+ years. I don't want what I've discovered to be lost.
 That was one of the reasons why I began this site.

I'm thankful that God has placed people in the pathways of those who are searching for their ancestors. Indeed, I have had some come along  my journey's quest to help me. I'm very thankful that they did. That inspired me to continue on my search.

Thanks for reading.
My Journey Quest Continues,

Photo was taken on my 2nd journey to Yankton in July 1985.
We were attending the Blakey White Blakley Family Reunion.

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