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Reflecting On My Journey To Yankton, South Dakota Part 3

Family History----The Road To Yankton Continues
This is the day which the Lord has brought about; we shall rejoice and be glad in it. The Amplified Bible
Entry: September 6, 1985...The Road To Yankton Continues...
We were in Yankton, however we could not find the house were Mary Jane lived. We rode around town looking for the Post Office Box -- Routine --. We couldn't find it. Finally we stopped a young a man on the streets and asked him were the Lightners lived. He did not know who we were talking about at first.

I said the Blakeys. Mary Jane was a Blakey. This man told us that a Blakey had died several days ago. He thought that we were here for the funeral. He knew were Ted Blakey lived, but not Mary Jane.

We drove back to the direction were we came. We stop someone else. This time they knew what we were talking about. This man pointed us in the right way. It was near the edge of town where we came from to enter Yankton. We drove there I never dreamt it would be like it was.

We drove up in front of trailer houses about three of them. I looked around trying to seek out which trailer house Mary lived in. After the car stopped every one got out slowly. I was amazed that we got there [in] an hour.
The drive was uncomfortable. I stretched my legs. We walked up to the nearest tailer house. It was by coincidence, it was the right place. Mary Jane greeted us as if she knew us for a long time.
Entry date September 7, 1985
Before Mary invited us to set down she introduced herself and the others in the room. She presented us to her sister, Dorothy, cousins and her son, Jim Jr. We all set down and got acquainted. Mary Jane knew who my sister, Mary and myself were because I sent Mary Jane pictures... weeks before our arrival.

I did not dream that Mary Jane would look like she did. She was about 5' 5". Here hair was jet black which was pulled up in the back. Her skin complexion was fair; light complexion, yellowish brown skin. She looked like she was about thirty five. She was over 40. Mary's sister had dark complexion. She had jet black hair also. However both Mary and her sister, Dorothy had high cheekbones and round faces.

[Cousin] Mary's house was pleasant. It looked like a comfortable environment even though it was a trailer home. There were pictures on the wall. She showed me who every body was, but I didn't recall who was who. The family room was at the front of the trailer. There was more pictures on the wall.

The room next to the family room was the kitchen. It was small, but not too big. The entertainment room was near the kitchen. All the rooms were in one room from each other. The bed rooms were behind the other rooms in the back which I did not get to see.
I will stop here. This was the very first time I have been in a trailer home. I never know how it looked on the inside. I was overwhelmed by all that I saw and went through just to get where I was at that moment in my life.

I thought to described my cousins' outward appearances. I wanted to give you a flavor of the different "shades of color". I know that we tend to look at the outward appearance of people. God's beauty is in ALL people no matter the race.

As I look back over this journey oh, how I wish I had a camera and a taper recorder for these "historic" meetings. I did not know how much "richness" was in our family history during this point in my life until I started this reflection of my family history quest.

Great Aunt Mary was the oldest member of the Blakey generation at that time. She had information stored up in her that she shared with her off springs. I hope that they treasure what she told them. So they came pass it on to their generation.

Great Aunt Mary passed away in 1985. This was about a month before our family reunion in Yankton. She was about 93.
Mary Jane (Blakey) Lightner passed away in 2003.
What am I thankful for ? I thank God for the covenant blessing of HELP. I thank God for the covenant blessing of WISDOM and PROTECTION. I am grateful that God has His hand on my life.

I ask God for His WISDOM that He is flowing into my life. I thank God for His PROTECTION for my life and my family's lives. I thank God for watching over us.... God is a GOOD GOD!
That ever day you are reading this entry... Have A Wonderful Day! God Bless you.
New Day Dawning!
The family history quest continues.
~ Susie ~
"We tend to worry most over things we have least control over." Archibald D. Hart

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