Saturday, December 31, 2011

Along The Journey Of 2011: Milestones And Memories

It's been some what of a journey this year.
As I look back, I think I've made a lot of new discoveries.
I'll share some of them in the up coming months.

Also, I would like to thank all of you who I've spoken to me either
in person, on the phone, through this website, on facebook or by email.
Thanks for adding what you know about the family history.
I thankful that some have found connection through this site.
We all have a story to share.
I hope that you're recording your family history as well.

2011 was the 100th Anniversary of Some Relatives Births

Robert Lewis Lankfard Sr.
Born on July 11, 1911
Son of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankford

Mary Jane Blakley Richardson
Born on July 31, 1911
Daughter of John (Blakey) Blakley and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley -Lyle

Charlotta Madison Williams
Robert Lewis Lankford "Lank" Madison
Twins Born on March 19, 1911
Daughter and son of William and Lula (Lankford) Madison

Unknown Named InfantChild of Den and Louette Robinson Dade
Born on August 20, 1911
Infant passed away on August 22, 1911

There were a few relatives who passed away in 2011.
These are the only ones that I've heard about.

Missed; By Not Forgotten
Robert Leon Farmer Sr.
(1934 - 2011)

Son of William and Leola (Lankford) Farmer

Mary E. Tillman
(1939 - 2011)

Mary E. Thomas Tillman
Daughter of Milton Vernon and Mary Jennie"Virgina (Lankford) Thomas

Richard Isaac "Dickey" Blakley
Son of Isaac and Anna (Lankford) Blakley

On The Louisa Jane Dade / Washington Connections

Raymond Hendred

(1920- 2011)
Son of Isaac and Elsie Hendred

Durwood D. Hendricks Sr.
(1945- 2011)
Grandson of Isaac and Elsie Hendred

On The L. Lankord/ D. Blakley Connection
There were some family pets that have died.
Dogs: Dragon, Roxie, Bishop, Buster
and Arrow, the cat, and Louie, the bunny.

There were some New Additions To The Family in 2011.
Here are the ones I know of with full names.

The Lankford - Johnson Lankford Connections
The Lankford - Blakley / Craddock Connections.
The Lankford - Blakley / Dudley Connections.

It's been an interesting year of discoveries.
I'm hoping that I come across more in 2012.
I hope that you found some discoveries in 2011.
We all had our joyful times and sad times.
We have to keep on moving.

May 2012 Be A Life Changing Year For Us.
May We Grow Richer In Know More About Life.
May We Discover More About Our Family History.

God Bless You.
Stay On The Journey,Susan

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