Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A New Day

A New Day
I don't believe that the world will end a year from now; on December, 21, 2012. I heard that the planets were going to line up with the sun on that day. We are in the last days.

Meanwhile, my journey continues on the family history. On November 16, 2011, I created a page called  Family Connections . On the Family Connection page, I post some of my updates and or post what I'm searching or wondering about on the family tree.
 As I'm searching,  I'm coming across people in the area were my ancestors lived. I'm not for sure if they are on the family lineage. I'm hoping someone might see some connections. More so, if they will let me know. It's good to know things. It would be nice to know if others see any connections.

Meanwhile, I've been future posting blogs. There's so much to share. So far I see that I have about 300 blogs. I don't know how many are public. I have many set to post when the time comes.

It's good to keep the family history alive through reflecting. And remembering those who have passed on. Yet, even more to share some of what we know or discover to other family members.

I'm hoping to find out more on the family tree. I'm awaiting the 1940 Census release on Monday April 2, 2012. I can just imagine what I will discover.

I'm going back over what I've come across over the years. I'm looking to see if I over looked some things. As I'm going back over that I have, I do find things that I missed. At times it's a key to unlock what I've been searching. Also it adds more to the family history.

I have had a lot of "brick walls" or dead ends with the earlier ancestors. There are little leads and clues about them.  I believe that there's more information out there. Either I can't get to or I don't know where to clue. Also resources are limited.

II look back over my journey from time to time. I thank God for the people who have helped me on the journey. I thankful for what I have come across. And for the people I know who have interest in the family tree.

Thanks for reading.
I believe that A New Day is Dawning.
I'm awaiting to explore and discover.
I hope to find more...
The Journey Continues,

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