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Lelia Laura Lankford Thompson

Who was the little girl in this picture?
Lelia Laura Lankford
Lelia was born about 1915 in Missouri.
She was the daughter of Meta M. Hughes.
She was believed to have been the daughter of Charles Edward Lankford.
Below what was on the back of this photo.

 Uncle Jim was James Lankford "Sallie" was "Jim's" wife Sarah Lankford.
According to the 1920 census Charles was listed as married.
There was no listing of his wife.
I haven't located when Charles and Meta were married.

Charles Edward LANKFORD
Charles was born on Jan 4, 1890
Charles worked as a Laborer, did odd Jobs, House Cleaning, and a Teamster.
When or where Charles died is unknown
Perhaps in New York.
Charles was the son of Robert Louis and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford.

I haven't located where Meta M. Hughes Lankford in the 1920 census.
Meta was born on Dec 2, 1896 in Hiawatha Kansas.
And passed away on April 24, 1931 in Kansas City Missouri.

On Meta's death record she was listed as divorced.
Her surname was Meta BEARD.
She was the daughter of John and Laura (Bools) Hughes.
I've located the marriage record of Meta Lankford to a Hanceford Beard.
This explains her death record.

I think I've located a Lelia in Leavenworth Kansas in 1925.
She was about 11 years old.
She was listed with church people in a Holy Epiphany 7th pott.
It appears to be a  school.
The head of the school was Hilda Russell, a  54 year old nun.

Lelia was the wife of Carl L. Thompson.
They were married on July 5 or July 6, 1930
in Kansas City, Jackson County Missouri.
Their were two records of marriage.
Lelia's mother Meta gave consent to the marriage.
Lelia was 16 years old.

Lelia was believe to have off springs.
There is little information what happened to Lelia.
Perhaps some one on Lelia's lineage can make a connection.
If you see any connection, feel free to make a comment.
Thank you.

Thanks for reading.

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