Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Unusual Thing

This is a re post from my Xanga site from Sunday, 20 January 2008

One day I was listening to a daily radio talk show that was in Kansas City, MO. The topic for the day was on Is it Black American? or African American? It was a debate on which is appropriate.

I listened on as the two men were debating. They were disagreeing about some things. One made the point and said that some Blacks in American don't know where their ancestors came from. And for those are of Africa descend have lost connections with the "Mother Country."

At that time I could not see the big deal about what they were debating about. I am proud to be an American. Most of my ancestors came from Africa. I consider myself an American.

I have connection with Africa through my bloodline. But I have lost the traditions of the African culture. If I say that I am an African American, I am saying that I have Africa connections only.

I can say only some of my ancestors where from Africa. When my ancestors came to America, a new identity took place. African and their descendants had to adapt to new things in a new country.

Back to the radio debate.

Then as I was thinking as I was standing on this issue at hand, I had a thought come to me about my Great Grandpa Isaac's death record. He was listed as an African. I thought to my self, How could this be? He was born in Fayette or Roanoke, MO in June of 1847.

I had wondered about this for many years when I came across that information about my Great Grandpa. I continued to listen to the radio program. The two men where addressing why each preferred what they believe.

Then an Unusual Thing happened to me. As I was listening on to the radio program, out of nowhere, I heard a voice come to me, as I was thinking: how could my Great Grandpa have been an African born in MO? This "VOICE" said that "his parents were Africans."

I stopped what I was doing. I thought to myself "that makes sense." It made me feel good after I heard that voice. I did wondered about that "VOICE" later on.

What I had assumed by what the "VOICE" said that my Great Grandpa's parents where Africans or their parents were born in Africa. I have never thought that until that "VOICE" came to me.

Special Footnote:

At one time or another in our lives we have questionnaires or survey that when might have to answered. What is your race or nationality? Some of my American ancestors listed themselves as Blacks, Mulattoes, Negro or Colored. My parents listed themselves as Blacks; at times I seen the word colored.

I list myself under the category of Black American. There are other races that are connected with my bloodline. American Indian from all my Grandparents' sides.

My parents' parents were either listed as Blacks or Mulattoes. It was by word of mouth about the Indian blood. For some reason they acknowledge themselves as Blacks more so.

I am not ashamed of my family lineage. I can say that some of my ancestors could have been White. It was possible. I don't rule that out.

I am proud of who I am. I am a human being. I am one of God's creation. I am beautifully and wonderful made by Him.

Jeremiah 1:5 NLT "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set apart and appointed you as my spokesman to the world."

Special Note: If you want to read more on my Great Grandpa Isaac:

On my journey of transformation.
When the unexpected comes, I have to stop and think and listen to the VOICE within. I need to see the good of what is there. I need not to get upset by what has happened. Everything is going to be all right. So wait on the LORD.

Father God, I am thankful for Your VOICE. I am thankful for unsolved FAMILY MYSTERY. I am thankful for the DOOR of HOPE that is always open.

I am thankful for the force of FAITH. I am thankful that I have Civil Rights. I am so thankful that I am a HUMAN BEING.

I am thankful for PROVISION for my life. I am thankful for those who have their HEALING from restored emotions. I am thankful for the DELIVERANCE of those once held captives by addictions.

I am thankful for those who were once blind but now see the SALVATION in Jesus Christ. I am thankful for SIGNS and WONDERS that are there for Your glory. I am thankful that I have a Book of Thanks and Blessings in Jesus' name Amen.

Staying On The Family History Journey,

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