Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Twenty Twelve!

It's a NEW Year to explore and discover things in life. I'm glad that I've discovered some things in Twenty Eleven. I plan to share some of the family history findings in the months to come. I'm thankful for those who have helped me a long the journey.

I hope to find more as this year comes. I'm still wondering about some things. The mystery of Anna Laura WASHINGTON ALLEN WALTERS. I can't locate her family in the 1900 census. I can assume that Anna and her children were not counted.

Also I can't locate Charlotte DADE who married Lewis Lankford  a.k.a. Robert L. Lankford / Lankfard.. I can't located Charlotta on the 1870 Census. She may have not been counted either.

I did come across some relatives through this blog site, ancestry.com and on facebook. I'm thankful for the additional information I have on the HENDRED and LYLE lineage. I found more on Ellen and George Hendred's children. Also information on Faris C. Lyle's wife Catherine STRANGE and children.

I set up some memorial sites for relatives and people I've come across in the areas where my relatives lived. I call it "Find A Grave: My Project" I'm adding as many as I can find. I even came across of grave sites of relatives.

Also I've been going back over what I've have. I see that I have over looked some things. I've added more.

My search continues.
I hope others can add some things as well.

The Journey Continues
May you have a Wonderful Twenty Twelve!
I hope to find more this year.

Thanks for reading.

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