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What About My Uncles And Aunts By Marriage Part 1 ~ Grace Smith Lankford

Grace Lee (Smith) Lankford 
1918 - 1941

Grace Lee Smith was born on Dec 20, 1918
to Virgil Smith and Willa Mae (Scott) Smith.
Grace was the first wife of Robert Lewis Lankfard Sr
Robert who the son of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankford
Robert and Grace were married on December 22, 1940.
The Marriage Record
Robert's and Grace's Certificate of Marriage.
306 S 22nd St. St Joseph, Missouri.
Witness: Mr Elijah Smith, Mrs Corrine Smith,
Mrs. Cora Blakley, Paul Blakley and Rev. O.P. Blakley
 To This Union:
Robert and Grace had a daughter, named Roberta.

Grace was a housewife.
She was 22 years old at the time of her passing on June 20, 1941.
On Grace's death certificate her surname was spelled Langford.
Robt Lewis Langford was the informant on the death record.
Lewis Langford was listed as her husband.
They lived at 306 S. 22nd Street in St. Joseph, MO.
(Note the death certificate was typed.)

Information on Robert Lewis Lankford Sr's Lineage:
Click on The Lankford Connections

Additional Information on Grace Lee Smith Lankford's ancestors.
Grace's mother, Willa Mae Scott was the daughter of
Charles Scott and Winnie Basset Scott.

Charles Scott was the son of William Scott.
Charles Holman Scott was born on Nov 15, 1859 in Columbia, MO.
Charles passed away on Dec 19, 1917 in Plattsburg, MO.

Winnie Basset Scott was the daughter of Andrew Basset from Colorado.
Winnie was born Feb 10, 1887 in Plattsburg Missouri.
She passed away on Feb 12, 1951 in St. Joseph, MO.

Charles Scott married Miss Winnie (Bagett) Basset
on April 22, 1877 in Clinton County Missouri

Charles and Winnie Basset Scott had three other daughters.
Gussie Scott, Sadie Scott and  Lucile Scott.

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