Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What About Uncles And Aunts By Marriage? Part 2 William Farmer Jr

William (Willie) Farmer Jr (1906 - 1989)
Willie was married Leola Farmer.
Leola was the daughter of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankford
Photo of William Farmer Jr.

William Farmer Jr, was the son of William Farmer from Texas and Mamie ? Flemming from Ohio.
Mamie's mother was Jane Flemming.
Jane was  VA born about 1854.
William's Siblings:
Edgar T. Farmer Neb born about 1903
Herbert Farmer Neb born about 1904
Arthur Farmer Neb born about 1906
Lola Farmer Neb born about 1909
Frank Farmer Neb born about 1910
Bertie May Farmer OK born about 1916

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