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What About Aunts And Uncles By Marriage Part 5 : Alma (Suggs) Nelson Blakley And Alma Lottie (Cave) Smith- Blakley - Jackman

As I began to search for my Uncle John's wife Lottie, I made some discoveries that I'm still trying to figure out. Was Uncle John married to two Lotties.

Lottie (Suggs) Nelson - Blakley
Alma Lottie (Cave) Smith Blakley - Jackman
I've been trying to figure out the mystery.
From what I have discovered, there appears to be two Lotties.
One went by her middle name.
Her name was Alma.
I have found her name to have been Alma Lottie or Lottie Alma.
Then later on I came across that Lottie was older than John.
I found out that this Lottie was from KS.

I found a letter written to my mother from Lottie Suggs.
Her name was spelled Lottie Sugg Nelson Blakley.
After farther research I located an Alma "Lottie"  born on Dec 18, 1912 and passed away on Nov 26, 2007 in Des Moines Iowa. The dates matches up with the death record. This Alma appears to have been  the second wife of John Blakley.

According to the 1930 Census record in St. Joseph, Missouri,
John was married to a Lottie.
They married about 1928.
This Lottie was born about Feb 1896 KS.
I came across Lottie's parents  and siblings in KS.
William A. Suggs
Elizabeth (Arkers) Suggs (1870 - 1927).

Lottie's Siblings:
Charles, William H. and Ella Suggs
Lottie (Suggs) Nelson was the informant on her mother, Elizabeth's death record in St. Joseph, Missouri. I can't located when Lottie Suggs Nelson Blakley passed away. I think she may have passed away in Des Moines Iowa between 1961 - 1965. I don't think she divorced John.
When John passed away in July of 1975, he had 3 step children. They carried the Smith surname. Lottie's children by her first marrage were Elizabeth, Marie and Garnett Sterling Smith Jr.

According to someone on John married Lottie in 1965 in Iowa. On this Lottie's name on death information on both Alma Blakley and Alma Jackman. Both were born in  Dec 18, 1912. Alma's third husband was name Olber Jackman.

There is a photo of Alma Cave Jackman on
However, I can't see it. That site is private.
That's one sad thing about priviate sites.
I haven't located John Blakley Jr, Lottie Suggs Blakley or Alma Lottie Cave Smith on the 1940 Census. I hope I came across them. I'm glad that I have found out what I have.

I hope some day that I can find out more.
Perhaps some one will come across this site and add more to the family history.
I hope so.
Thanks for reading.
God bless you.

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