Thursday, April 26, 2012

Searching The 1940 Census

It's been a time searching the 1940 census. It look me a while to catch on. Slowly bit surely I've located some of my relatives. Then, there are many I had trouble locating.

The census is being index. I'll be glad when it's completely index. In the beginning, I was searching page by page. I have an idea where some of the family members may have lived. I have found most of my relatives in St. Joseph, Missouri.

I came across some of the ones that lived in Yankton, South Dakota and Iowa. I had a time with the ones in CA and NY. I've found two of the LANKFARD brothers in NY. I haven't found the CA relatives yet. I have an idea where some of them lived.

I checked the 1930 census to see where they lived. I tried to match it up to here they may have lived in 1940. It appears that some of them moved. I think that they were in the same State.

As the days have been passing, I began to find more and more relatives. I have to have an idea of where they lived. It can be time consuming if don't know where to look. Thank God for those who are taking the time to index the 1940 Census.

It's been exciting to search this census. When I come across a relative... that make it more exciting. I was excited when I came across my parents' names. I saw them for the first time on the census together with their first born David Jr.

My parents live next door to my mother's parents, Leo and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD/ LANKFARD and sibling...Also they lived not far away from my mother's sister, Mary Virgina and her husband, Milton Vernon Thomas. Aunt Mary "Jennie" went by Virgina and Uncle Milton went by Vernon on the 1940 Census.

I'm still searching. I came across more names to add the family tree. I did come across some surprises. I need to make some updates on the family tree.

The ones that I'm looking for and haven't located ...Isaac and Anna (Lankford) Blakley and family MN. John and Lottie (Suggs) Blakley IA, William and Leola (Lankford) Farmer and family in (?). Ollie and Margaret (Cason) Blakey, Archie and Flora Blakey, Lawhorn Blakey and his wife, Jordan Blakey and his wife and family all in CA. Alberta (White) Morris and family in CA. The Nickersons in CO, Fredrick Lankford in NY. Charles E. Lankford in (?) Anna Alice (Lankford) Smith in MO. There are others...
I hope some day I will find more information.
There were some leads that I can follow up on.
Thanks for reading.

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