Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Appreciation Day: Happy Father's Day

May we Honor our FATHERs.

I thought about what I appreciated about my father of 26 years as he was my father. (His lifespan 1913 -1989.)

While I was growing up, I was a Daddy's girl. I loved my dad. I can say that I am from the seed of David. Here is some of what I appreciated about my father.
1. My father married my mother.

2. My father was faithful to my mother..

3. My father was kindhearted .

4. My father supported and took care of his family.

5. My father worked and was a hard worker.

6. My father owned and operated his own business.

7. My father (and mother) owned a home and property.

8. My father was my father.

9. My father made provision for his family.

10. My father fathered 19 children with the same woman.

( I'm #19.)

11. My father loved children.

12. My father called upon the Lord to be saved.

13. My father was the father that God, the Father blessed me with.

14. My father taught me some things about life.

15. My father left a legacy.

16. My father had a caring heart to help people.

17. My father honored his Step father and Father in law.

18. My father prayed for me 12 hours before his passing.

19. My father's blessings.
Happy Father's Day to all!
Happy Father's Day, Father God!
I am thankful for all my forefathers. I am thankful for the blood line that God blessed me to come from. I am thankful to be on the lineage of Father God.

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