Monday, June 3, 2013

Some Questions About The BLAKEY WHITE Connections

I've been searching on new leads on The BLAKEY WHITE Connections. I have been thinking about some questions. I hope to find some of the answers to these questions.

I had a conversation with a cousin on The Rev Richard "Dick" WHITE Sr. and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE Connections. This cousin got me thinking about some things. I believe that there are others who have info that can add to the family tree. I hope that they are willing to share.

Here are some question and thoughts:

When did Julia WHITE pass away? Heard that she may have lived to be in her 90's. Did she pass away in St. Louis Missouri? Julia was born about 1820. If she was in her about 90 that year would have been about 1910. Checked MO death records for Julia WHITE couldn't find a match.

Update: Julia who was born about 1820 She was not the same Julia who moved to St. Louis. Most likely There was another Julia.

On the Slave Article: Slavery Descendants to have First Reunion, it stated that the great grandmother was buried in Forest Green MO. Was that lady, Julia WHITE? Did Julia have a daughter living St. Louis?
What about Mattie WHITE, daughter of Julia WHITE? Heard that Mattie's first name could have been Martha. Matt or Mattie was her nickname. Did Mattie married? Did she have 5 children? Did Jane White one of Mattie's daughters move to Kansas City MO?

Update on Mattie's children:
She did have more than one child besides Ella Bentley Carr.
Where did Mattie's daughter Ella BENTLEY CARR pass away about 1923? Ella's son was listed with Mattie on the 1930 and 1940 census. Ella's husband Pleas CARR passed away in Kansas City MO in about 1961. Pleas married twice.

Update: On Mattie's grandson, Willard: It appears that Mattie raised her grandson after his mother Ella passed away.

What year did Hester WHITE pass away? Heard that Hester was buried on the family farm. Hester was the youngest child of Tony WHITE.

Update on Hester WHITE:
He passed away in the 1950's.  He may have passed away out of State of Missouri. But was buried in MO.

When did Georgia (LEE) WHITE pass away? Georgia was the 1st wife of Tony White son of Richard ""Dick" White.

What was Clora WHITE's maiden name? She was the 2nd wife of Tony WHITE son of Richard "Dick" WHITE.
Who were Rebecca WHITE's parents from Virginia?Rebecca was listed as Julia WHITE's granddaughter on the 1880 census in MO. Which child of Julia was the parent of Rebecca?

Update on information below:
Still Searching. Believe that they were related. But how?

Possible other WHITE Connections:
Was Rebecca WHITE RUSSELL related to Julia WHITE?Rebecca WHITE father was William WHITE.

There are other questions. Was the Isaac WHITE that lived next door to Julia WHITE related? Isaac had a son named Andrew J. WHITE. Andrew was married to Laura PAIGE WHITE. in Chariton/ Howard County MO.

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