Monday, June 17, 2013

The WHITE Connections in Missouri

I'm still searching on The Julia White Connections in Chariton, Howard, and Randolph Counties areas in Missouri.  I received some info.... I have been wondering about some of the things that this cousin shared with me.

There were some things that I'm trying to follow up on.
Here are some questions that have come to me.

How was Laura (PAIGE) WHITE connected to The Whites in Chariton County? I have read some things about her.  She was a godly woman and hard worker. Many people called Laura, Aunt Laura.

I heard that Laura was the sister in law of Richard White. Laura was married to an Andrew J. WHITE. Richard did have a brother named Andrew White.

I have searched for Andrew and Laura WHITE on the census records. One the 1880 they were listed living next to Julia WHITE in Chariton. However, Andrew was listed with his father, Isaac WHITE.

Some thoughts and Questions: Was this Andrew WHITE's father, Isaac's Son or Grandson? Isaac was born about 1800 on that census. On the 1870 Isaac was born about 1810 in VA. Andrew was born about 1852 in MO.

Or was Isaac WHITE, Julia's father in law or brother in law? I do believe that Andrew and Laura were related to Julia WHITE. But how? There are similarities with the family. Andrew and some of Julia's children lived near one another. Mattie White lived near Andrew on the 1900 census.

Here's what I discovered about Andrew and Laura WHITE.

They were married about 1873. They had 6 children. Julia, Mariah, Isaac, Cornelia, William and Wedian WHITE. Cornelia and Wedian were listed as married on a census. Neither of their spouse's names weren't listed.

Cornelia had a daughter with the surname WOODS. Todd WOODS was listed with Andrew WHITE as a nephew. I believe that Todd would have been Cornelia's son. Or related to the WOODS who lived next door to Isaac and Andrew WHITE on the 1870 census. Jordan and Martha (WHITE) WOODS.

Andrew WHITE was listed as the son of Isaac  and Mardy / Mary (BURTON) WHITE.
Andrew was born on  Dec 14, 1852 in Chariton, County.
He passed away on April 16, 1927 in Chariton County.

Laura (PAIGE) WHITE was the daughter of Dennis and Ellen PAGE / PAIGE.
Laura was born on May 13, 1855 in MO.
She passed away on March 27, 1955 at the age of 100.

I'm hoping to find more leads.
I'm thankful for relatives who have been and are sharing  information.

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