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Tracing The Lankford / Lankfard Surname Through Louis "Add"

Who was Louis Adward Lankford / Lankfard?

Louis was the son of Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard.
He was born on Jan 20, 1882 in Canton, Lewis, Missouri
He passed in Jun of 1967 in New York, New York, New York,
Mr. Louis Adward "Add" Lankfard
(1882 -1967)

On the 1900 census
He was listed as  Addie S. SANKFORD / SANDFORD
He was a laborer.
City Directories in St. Joseph, MO
1901 ~ He was listed as Louis A Lankford               
He was a laborer at 2413 Edmond

1902 ~ He was listed as Louis A. Lankfard,
He lived at 2411 Edmond

Louis had a daughter by Leola PETERSON.
Thelma Rowena Lankford JACKSON.
(1902 - 1961)
Louis' Occupation ? 1908 - 1920Professional Baseball Player 

1909 ~ He was listed as Add Lankford, moved to Idaho
On the 1910 census
He was listed as Louis A. Lankford
He was a laborer at 2412 Edmond

1911 City Directory of St. Joseph, MO
Louis as listed  with LANKFARD surname
He was as a laborer at 2412 Edmond

Louis had a daughter and a son by Sarah Elizabeth WRIGHT.
Children born in Pocatello, Idaho
Adlene H. Lankford (1912 - 1931)
Charles "Puffy" Addison Lankford (1915 - 2009)

World War I Draft Reg Card 1917-1918
He lived in Manhattan, New York, New York on 160 West 142nd St.
Next of kin wife Virginia LANKFARD
Louis Adward LANKFARD was the name spelled and signed on record

  Louis Lankford married Virginia "Virgie" B Hill on Sept. 3, 1918 .
Louis had no children by Virgie.

On the 1920 Census
He was listed as Louis LANKFORD
He lived on 160 West 142nd St.
with wife Virgie
His Job: Attendant R.R. Station
Soundex: spelled surname: LAUKORD / LAUTFORD

City Directory NY
He was listed as  Louis A. Lankford at h160 W 144th
He was a por

On the 1925 NY Census
He was  listed as Louis Lankford with wife Virgie and mother in law at 160 West 142nd St

On the 1930 census
He was listed as Louis  LANGFORD
He live on St. Nicholas St.
 with wife Virgie
His Job: Porter at apartment house
Source World War II Draft Reg Card 1942
Louis lived on 824 St Nich Ave #24 NY.
Next of kin Nym Lankford.
Virgie was not listed.
Louis signed his surname Lankford.
Louis and Virgie Lankford
Re  married on 32nd Wedding Anniversary 1944.
Source Newspaper article

Louis was mentioned in two of his sibling's obituary. 
His surname was spelled Lankford on his, brother Leo Lankford's obituary in 1954.
And Lankfard in Lula Madison's obituary in 1961.

As I began searching for info on Louis, it was a task in doing.
I didn't know that he went by two names.
In St. Joseph, MO, he was Louis Lankford and Louis A. Lankfard. 
There were times he went by Add Lankford.
Add and Addie appears to have been  his nicknames.

When he became a professional baseball player his name was Add Langford.
 When he moved to NY, his name was some times Add Lankford.
He also went by Louis Lankford. 

Add Langford
a.k.a. Add Lankford
Louis Adward "Add" Lankford / Lankfard
It appears that Louis spelled his surname three ways.
 Langford / Lankford / Lankfard.
He was Louis Adward Lankfard.
He was Louis A. Lankford.
He was Add Langford.
He was Add Lankford.

However, Louis children spelled their surname LANKFORD.
It appears that the Langford and Lankford surname stood out.
Louis would mail post cards to his siblings.
He would address the surname as LANKFARD.
He would sign his name Add.
Well, it appears that Add added something different to the family connections.
He left  us a paper trail to discover who he was.
 Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

R.I. P. Great Uncle Add.

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