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Tracing The Lankford / Lankfard Surname Through Leo

Who was Leo Lankford Sr. / Lankfard?

He was the son of Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard. 
He was born on May 30, 1884 in Canton, Missouri.
He passed on Sept 14, 1954 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Leo Lankford Sr. / Lankfard
(1884- 1954)

On the 1900 census
He was 16 listed as Sea Sankford
LIVED with parents at 2413 Edmond
Age 17 in 1901
 he was Listed as Leo Lankford;
Address 2413 Edmond: Job Tmstr
Age 18 in 1902  
Listed as Leo Lankfard;
Address 2411 Edmond: Job Tmstr

Age 20 in 1904
Leo Lankfard lived at 2413 Edmond
Age 21 in 1905 
Leo Lankford lived at 2412 Edmond listed as a tmstr
Age 25 in 1909 
Leo Lankford lived at 2412 Edmond

On April 16, 1909 
Mary WALTERS married Leo LAUKFORD on index
On the 1910 Census  
Listed as Lea Lankford / Can't read place where LIVED

Age 26 in 1910
Leo Lankford lived at 2413 Edmond
Age 27 in 1911
Listed as Leo Lankfard; no c after name mentioning that he was colored.
Address 2722 Mary; Job Tmstr
Age 28 in 1912
Listed as Leo Lankford at 2414 Sylvanie

Age 29 in 1913
 Listed on other directory Leo lived at 2616 Locust:
Surname spelled Lankfard

 Age 30 in 1914
 Listed Leo Lankford at   2616 Angelique as a tmstr

On the 1930 Census
listed as age 46
 Leo Lankford lived at 2622 Locust with wife Mary.
He was a teamster.
Age 53 in 1937 
 Listed as Leo Lankford 2616 Locust

Age 55 in 1939
 Listed with Surname spelled Langford on census record
LIVED at 2616 Locust

Age 55 in 1939
listed as a Hauler

On the 1940 Census as age 55,
Listed as Leo (Mary) Lankford
lived with wife and children at 2616 Locust.

 As 57 in 1951
 listed as Leo Lankford at 2616 Locust

Age 59 in l953
listed as Leo Lankford lived with wife at 2616 Locust St

Age 70 in 1954
Surname spelled LANKFORD on death record
Surname spelled LANKFARD on his tombstone
Tombstones at Ashland Cemetery 
St. Joseph, Missouri.

The family surname has been spelled Langford / Lankfard.
However, only one child  of Leo and Mary, Robert, spelled his surname LANKFARD
His off spring carried on with the LANKFARD spelling also.
There is no doubt that Leo used the LANKFORD surname majority of his life.
It's ironic that his surname on his tombstone is spelled LANKFARD.
Leo and Mary Allen LANKFORD / LANKFARD have descendants with both spellings.
Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

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