Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What About The Sisters With The White Surname?

I can't recall when I heard that there were other sisters in the Blakey/ White Family.
As I've been searching, I came up with 4 or 5 sisters.
Their names  and year of birth were believed to have been as followed.

Linda     White born about 1841
Mary     White born about 1844
Lydia    White born about 1852
Martha  White born about 1862
Mattie   White  born about 1856

I don't know if Martha and Mattie were the same person.
Both were widowed.
I haven't  found any records of Martha connected in Chariton County Missouri.
Martha was only listed on the 1880.
I have located Mattie White with her children.
Mattie wasn't listed on the 1880.
She was listed on the 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940.
Either Linda, Lydia or Martha passed away about 1904 in Forest Green, Missouri.
One of the sister had a son who had children.

Family history states that Mattie never married and had one daughter.
That daughter was Bob Ella BENTLEY CARR
I have come across Mattie with at least 5 children.
According to the census records Mattie was a widow.
On the 1940 Census Mattie's surname was HEREFORD.
However on the other census records, Mattie's surname was WHITE.
Mattie was stated to have passed away in April of 1947 in Forest Green, Missouri.
I haven't located her death record.
Perhaps she passed away in another State.

There is a news clipping that list some of the BLAKEY slaves.
Linda (White) and Linda (White) were the only 2 sisters
listed on the slave advertisement in 1858.
There were two children not listed.
We can assume who those children were.
Ad appeared in a Missouri Newspaper in 1858
I've been trying to locate the BLkAKEY /WHITE Family on the 1870 census.
I haven't locate them.
The story has it that the mother, Julia White went to Natchez, Mississippi.
I can assume that some of her children would have been with her.
I haven't located Julia on the census either.

I do believe that either Mary, Linda, Lydia or Martha had off springs.
I hope some day that someone will see a connection.

What About The Sisters With The White Surname?
I hope someone will see some connections.

Thanks for reading.

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