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Leo Lankford Sr: Son Of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD

Leo Lankford Sr.
1884 - 1954
Leo Lankford was born on May 30, 1884, to a Charlotta Dade Lankford and Robert Louis Lankford in Canton, MO. He was one of 10 or 11 children. James Andrew, Jennie, Lula May, Fredrick A. Louis A,  Alice Anna, Charles Edward, Sillborn female, Nymadula, and Isabelle V. Lankford.

I don't know why the Lankfords. Leo would have been less then 10 when the arrived in St. Joseph before 1890.  Leo was a laborer, trucker and hauler. He had a business of hauling trash.

Leo married Mary Allen a.k.a. Mary Walters on April 16, 1909 in Andrew County MO. To this union there came 11 children: The daughter with their married names: Anna C.  Robert, Leola, Mary V., Lula M., Sarah B., Addison, Leo Jr., Betty M., Frederick W. and Josephine L. Lankford.

Leo's and Mary's Lankford surname was spelled at least two other ways. On some census records, it was Langford. Other spellings Lankford and Lankfard. Lankfard is the one on their tombstones.

I've seen photo's of Leo. He would be standing with a cane. I don't know the story about why he had to use a cane. Perhaps he was born with some thing that effected him when he grow older.

Leo passed away on Sept 1954. A Morton family member attended his funeral. Leo was buried at Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.

I was searching for Grandpa Leo's World War Draft Reg Card. I see that his name was spelled LANKFARD. Also there was something about Grandpa that I didn't see before.

Grandpa Leo was paralyzed in his left hand and leg since the age of four. I had seen photos of Grandpa.
I thought that he hurt himself and had a bad leg.

According to one of my aunts, Grandpa may have had polo. They did not know back in those days. Grandpa had to live with what he had.

Staying On The Family History Journey,
Hope to find more info on Leo Lankford Sr and his family.

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