Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family Connections' 6th Month Milestone

On, November, 16, 2011, I started Family Connections , a page on facebook. At first I was excited about doing it. Then I changed my mind because I thought that people won't be apart of if. However, through time and some thought, I thought about going for it.

I have posted a lot of information on my Family Connections on my parents' lineage. I started to post family events on my timeline. I mean; the birth dates and death dates of relatives.

It took a while to compile that list. I'm still working on adding more to the list. I haven't looked at the marriage dates or other celebrations yet. I think that will take some time too.

As of May 16, 2012, I have 7 friends so far with 8 people who like Family Connections. There aren't many comments. I thankful that there are a few are interested in Family Connections.

At first, I didn't know who would be interested in my Family Connections. I have a wide range of relatives across the United States. I believe that most have access to a computer. And that there are some who are interested in their Family Connections.

So far on Family Connections: It's been an informational page for those who come and see what's posted. I try to post something every day. Wondering, what do I post?

I post updates on my search. There are links and blogs from the Family Website that I share. Also I post some photos that I have and some I come across.

I like searching for my family history. I have come a long way on my journey's guest. It would be a shame, if I would hog all what I know and have about my family history.

There's a lot that I don't know about the family tree. But there is something that I discovered and can add to the family heritage. Those things that I can leave behind for those who are searching the same lineage I'm on.

My hope is that Family Connections will be discovered by those who are really searching for their family connections. Those who are searching to find things about their relatives that they just wanted to know something about.

I know we can't find every things that we're searching for. But, we can feel the joy of what others have discovered along the journey. I had my shares of great joy of discoveries.

We all make up a Family Connections. We are all one family with the connection. We go back to Adam and Eve. Thank God for Family Connections. We are all God's creation.

Some After Thoughts:
When you find something on your Family Connection:
Share it.
Leave it where others will find it.
Don't let your Family Connections be lost.
Pass it on to the generations to come.

There were be some who will appreciate what you've done.
Thanks for reading.

And Remember:
We all have Family Connections.

My hope and my prayer is that many will continue to search for their Family Connections.

God bless you

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