Monday, May 7, 2012

Doggy Stories

This was written on a Dog Day in August of 2007, I thought to share some things that happened on that day.

I made a special trip to see our dogs this evening. They were happy to see me. They haven't seen me since Friday. One of my brothers take turns feeding our dogs.

As I made my way to see the dogs, I noticed that they were happy to see me. Sister saw me coming and sat down. She was looking for a biscuit. Spotty was running around in circles. Sunny, Sister's boy was just looking. He was wondering if it was me.

My brother was there. He handed me some biscuits. Sister got all happy! I told her to sat down. Finally she did. I made my way over to Spotty. I did not want a biscuit. He was just happy to see. It was the same with Sunny. I handed them their biscuits and they did not take it from my hand. Actually Spotty knock his out of my hand. He did want the biscuit. He wanted to see me.

Another Doggy Story...
One of my sister's dogs was untied this morning. I heard him barking. I looked to see which on it was. It was Angel. Beside him was Buddy. For the last couple of times, Angel has been untied, he has been letting Buddy out of his gate. Yeah, Angel pulls the gate knob up with his nose. He's a smart dog.

Angel and Buddy were not the best of friends at the start. One day I heard that Angel drug Buddy about 10 feet one day. Buddy is was adopted. Angel had two other brothers. Butch and R.J. They are all Sister's brothers. Sister has a daughter, Sugar who lives with her uncles. Sugar has her own gate.

On the 4th of July of this year, Buddy was untied. The next morning we found him in Angels house. Angel was right beside him. Then there was another time this happened. It was thundering and lightening. They were in the house together again. Yeah, Buddy and Angel have become best of friends.

I love dogs! It may sound funny but I like to talk to some dogs. At times they bark back at me when I am not looking at them. Some times they listen to me. I got Sister to sat down in order to get her biscuit. It took her a while to catch on. I believe that dogs have an idea on some times. They get jealous too.

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