Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What About Aunts and Uncles By Marriage? Part: 7 ~ Cora (Williams) Hinch Blakley

I've been searching for Cora Hinch.
I heard that she was married to Paul Blakley.
The year of their marriage is not known.  
Paul Blakley and Cora (Williams) Hinch Blakley

What Have I Discovered About Cora?
As I continue to search, I came up with some more information
Some, I didn't expect to find.
After I locating Paul and Cora on the 1940 Census,
I began to search for Cora more.

On that 1940 Census Paul and Cora was listed as husband and wife.
There was a 15 year old youth in their household.
His name was James Green.
The record listed James as Paul's step son.

As the story goes, Paul and Cora had two adopted children;
There names were James Green and Mary Green
 The question arose on the 1940 census.
Was James, Cora's son?
And Was Cora married before she married Paul Blakley?

As I continue to search for Cora, I came across a Cora Williams who married a Henry "Hank" Hinch in Chillicothe, Missouri in 1918.  Cora was listed from Fayette, MO. Henry was listed from St. Joseph. They lived in St. Joseph, MO at 1815 Angelique St.

I checked the Missouri Death record for Henry Hinch.
He passed away on July 28, 1933 in St. Joseph.
I located Henry and Cora on the 1930 census in St. Joseph.
James wasn't listed on the 1930 census withHenry and Cora.

Cora was listed as a maid on the City directories.
She was listed as the widow on H. Henry in 1935.
Then as I search other directories, Cora was listed as Mrs. Cora Blakley and
Cora H Hinch. Widow of Paul or H. Hinch.

On Paul Blakley's death record, he was listed as divorce at the time of his death in 1946. As I search the city directories in the 1940's Cora was listed by herself in 1942; Mrs Cora Blakley.

In 1953 - 1960 Cora was listed as Cora Hinch widow of H. or Paul Hinch. Perhaps Cora went back using her Hinch surame. I couldn't find her death record as Blakley.

Cora Williams was born in 1890 in Missouri.
She passed away in 1972.
Her name was Cora Hinch.
I assume that Cora was buried in St. Joseph, Missouri.

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