Monday, June 30, 2014

5th Year On Family Connections

It's Family Connections 5th Anniversary.

I've covered a lot ground since June 30, 2009 on my family quest. And I've made a lot of new discoveries. I believe that there are more to discover a long the journey. Can't wait to find them.

In the past six months, I've made some breakthrough on my BARTLETT, BLAKEY, DADE, LANKFORD / LANKFARD NICKERSON Family Connections. I have to go back and review what I have come across.

I've made a few contacts with relatives from this site since June 30, 2009. They have shared some of their family connections. I am so thankful that they found something about their ancestors.

I'm thankful that there are more info available to the public.  As I'm searching the records, I'm seeing more connections. There has been some remarkable finding on my journey.  I thank God for that.
There are some blogs that I'm working on. There are things I'm trying to piece together. I lack confirmation on some things. However, I've seen similarities in the findings.

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Perhaps you are connected to family connections : Here a few on the list:

Elias W. BARTLETT Sr. Family in Carrollton, Missouri

Archie BLAKEY in Sacramento, California

DADE MANLEY CLAY in Lewis County in Missouri area.

Isabella LANKFORD / LANKFARD NICKERSON in Denver, Colorado / Texas

My search for Family Connections Continues.
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