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Searching For Family Connections: The Sarah "Sallie" Bartlett - Peyton Family

I've been searching for info on a Sallie BARTLETT for years. All I knew about her was that she was the daughter of Elias BARTLETT. She was born about 1866 in Missouri. Her mother's first name may have been Rachel.

Over the years, I have had trouble finding leads on Sallie. I tried piecing what I knew together. But,  I thought I wouldn't find any more on her. So, I begin to search from what I knew on the Bartlett's.

At some point in my search, I came across a (mulatto)  child named Myrtle PEYTON. She was the granddaughter of Harriet (HOOPER) BARTLETT. Myrtle was born about 1886 in Kansas. I figured that one of Harriet's daughter married a PEYTON. And I worked from there.

I first came across Myrtle on the 1900 census with the Bartlett family. Later, I discovered that Myrtle at age 17, married a William YOUNGER in Buchanan County in Missouri. Also there was a Lucile Mossell who was a witness to their marriage.  Lucile "Lucy" was Myrtle's aunt through the Bartlett connections.

I kept trying to locate a Myrtle Peyton. Which daughter of Harriet's could have been Myrtle's mother? I narrowed it down to two. Lucy or Sallie. I search for both. I kept coming up hitting brick walls. I still couldn't connect.  I took a break from searching for Myrtle.

Somehow, I kept looking for other Bartletts and Peytons. I came across a Wade Hampton PEYTON with his parents. His mother's name was Sallie. Wade was named after his father. I kept searching for Sallie and Wade.

As I kept searching, I came across Wade Jr's WWII draft card. I didn't know what I would find out.  But low and behold.... The next of kin on  his record was Myrtle Younger. Yes, that was his sister. Then this lead my search for Sallie.... I discovered that her name was Sarah.

I later made discoveries on the PEYTON Family Connections.  Oh what great joy that was!  I continue to search for the PEYTON Family. It was interesting to have found out that Myrtle's brother , Wade Hampton Peyton Jr. was a doctor.

As for Myrtle, she and William had two daughters. Myrtle later divorced William. She later married  Earl C. MILLER. On Myrtle's marriage licence to Earl, it stated that Myrtle's  mother, Sarah's maiden name was Shaw.  Now, that got me to thinking. Who was Sarah's mother?

The Search Continues... See Any Connections?

I'm hoping to find more on the BARTLETT- PEYTON Family Connections. I believe that there are descendants out there. Myrtle's daughter's married names were Taylor and Duke. I hope that someone will have more info. Perhaps that someone is you.

May the Lord grant the hunger in people to search for their ancestors. May there be leads to follow. May the beauty of the Lord brings surprises along the journey. Amen!

Thanks for reading
Family Connections: The Sarah "Sallie" Bartlett - Peyton Family: One final note:Oral history: I recall my parents say that one of Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Lyle's sister married a doctor.
I haven't found info on that sister.
Who was Jennie? She was the sister of Sallie and Lucy.


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