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Unknown Relatives: Who Could They Have Been?

The Mystery of Photos can make us wonder: The Missing pizzles to the family tree?

Unknown Relatives
The above croped photo is apart of a family photo.
The are four children and an elderly lady in the orginal post card. 
I found a post card  in my Grandmother Mary Lankford home during the mid 1970's. Through the years, I didn't have a clue who they could have been. I do believe that they are relatives.

I've been thinking about who they could have been. I have narrowed down to two possible families. The people in the photo fits some of what I have discovered.

It could have been on my Grandpather's Dade - Lankford / Lankfard Family connections. Or perhaps on my Grandmother's Washington Allen Family connections. Either or could be the case. However, I can narrow it down to the Washington Connection. Here is how I came up with this assumption.

What I know of Anna Laura Washington Allen Walters? Why do I think that sAnna and her family are the ones in the photo? Here's some of what I think abou the photo. And what I discovered on Anna and her parents and siblings.
The young laby with the hair band could have been Lillie or Virgina.
They were the two youngest of the girls.
The one on the left appears older then one on right.
They could have been either Nannie, or Amelia.
Only 4 daughter was in the photo.
The older lady may have been Anna Laura Washington.
Photo may have been taken in the mid 1880's.

Mrs. Anna Laura Washington Allen Washington was born on June 13, 1867 to a Susan LEACH ( 1845 - ca 1888) and William J. WASHINGTON (1840 - 1920? ) in St. Joseph, MO. Her siblings were Nannie, Amelia, Virgina F., Lillie, James. A. and William / John Washington Jr.

The below photo is a copy of the post card.... 
Unknow Relatives

Do you see any Family Connections?

The Washingtons Lived in St. Joseph, MO. William and his family were listed on the 1870 , 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses in St. Joseph. Most likely all the children were born in St. Joseph, MO.

Was this lady Mrs. Lillie Lewis?
ca 1787 -1887. 
Mr. William  / John Washington was born about 1841.
He re married and passed away after 1920.

Mrs. Susan (Leach) Washington was born about 1845.
She passed away about 1888.

Mr. William / John Washington Jr. was born about 1859. He was listed a widower on the 1920 census.

Mrs. Anna Laura (Washington) Allen Walters
(1867 - 1947)
She married 1st to William / Robert Allen
She married 2nd to Thornton Walters.
She was twice widowed.

Ms. Nannie Washington (1868 - 1895)

Ms. Amelia Washington about born about 1871

Mr. James A. Washington born about 1873.
He could have drown in 1889.

Ms. Virginia Washington (1876 - 1897)

Ms. Lillie Washington born about 1879.
Lillie was most likely named after her Great grandmother, "Lillie" Lewis.

Mrs. "Lillie" Lewis, could have been the elder lady in the photo. Mrs. Delilah "Lillie" Lewis was born about 1787 She was listed on the 1880 census with the Washingtons. Lillie passed away in 1887 in St. Joseph, MO.

Thanks for reading:
Unknown Relatives: Who Could They Have Been?

I'm not 100% positive that the family in the photo was the Washingtons. The family could be on the Dade / Lanford / Lankfard Connections. I don't know. The could have been neither. I was just thinking of who they could have been.  


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