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Family Connections: In Family History: June

In  Remembrance Of Birthdays and Deaths: Family Connections

In June of 1859 ~ John WHITE was believed to have been born.
He was the son of Andrew and Julia White.

In June of 1884 ~ Leburter ? WHITE was believed to have been born.
She was the daughter of John and Katherine (ESTILL) WHITE.

In June of 1885 ~  Dabney "Dab" JACKSON was believed to have been born.
He was the husband of Edna (BLAKEY) JACKSON BENTLEY

In  June of 1967 ~ Henry Leo BLAKEY Sr. passed away.
He was the son of Isaac and Rachel (LEFTRIDGE) BLAKEY.

In June of 1967 ~ Louis Adward "Add" Lankford passed away.
He was the son of Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard.

In June of 1976 ~ William Henry "Bud" COBY passed.
He was the husband of  Florence (HENDRED) COBY AMBER.

On June 2
William GETHER was born in 1915.

Mindolyn (TATE) CLAY passed away in 1949.

Russell T. HENDRED passed away in 1995.

On June 3
Terry TOLLIVER passed away in 1996.

On June 4
William NICKERSON was born in 1891.

Lankford NICKERSON passed away in 1976.

On June 5
Jane L. (WHITE) HAYES was born in 1909.
Ed "Eddie" L. HILL was born in 1911.

Daniel "T. K" BLAKEY passed away in 2012.

On June 6
Baby Lula B. passed away in 1947.

Anthony E. HENDRED passed away in 2005.

Rufus Nathaniel YANCY passed away in 2009.

On June 7
Ellen (LOVE - WASHINGTON) HENDRED was born in 1852.

On Jan 6
Lawhorn BLAKEY was born in 1900. He the son of Isaac BLAKEY and Rachel JACKSON (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY. Lawhorn was married three times.

Gary Lee LANKFORD ( Ghalee Askia Muhammad) passed away in 1997.

Ruth Naomi  (SCROGGIN) BLAKEY passed away in 1999.

Doris Esther (BLAKEY) IVORY passed away in 2002.

On June 8
Frances WASHINGTON passed away in 1884.

On June 9
Anthony  Eugene HENDRED Sr. was born in 1918.

John Wesley DADE passed away 1918.

Maxine Louise (HENDRED) CRAYTON passed away in 2002.

On June 10
Hattie Mc DANIEL was born in 1895

Carolyn (HENDRED) AKERS was born in 1915.

June 11
Margaret (FLOYD) BLAKLEY was born in 1947.

Josephine Mae (TURNER) BLAKEY was born in 1915.

On June 12
Ralph Cecil CLAY passed away in 2001.

On June 13
Anna Laura (WASHINGTON) ALLEN WALTERS was born in 1867.

Durwood D.  HENDRICKS was born in 1945

On June 14
Nettie Ellen COBY was born in 1914.

Lewis Edgar TATE was born in 1939.

On June 15
Juanita (WASHINGTON) TATE was born in 1908.

On June 16
William YOUNGER passed away in 1941.

Roberta Louise (LANKFORD) HILL - KEELING born in 1941.

On June 17
Doctor Wade Hampton PEYTON Jr. was born in 1885.

Odell (WHITE) CRAIG was born in 1894.

James Adam BAILEY was born in 1922.

Tony Willard HOUSTON passed away in 1933.

Addison "Ad" LANKFORD passed away in 1979.

On June 19
Lawrence "Larry" CANFIELD was born in 1961.

Leroy Everette BLAKEY passed away in 2003.

On June 20
Daniel BLAKEY was born in 1913.

Grace Lee (SMITH) LANKFORD passed away in 1941.

Louis Edward MADISON passed away in 1963.

On June 21
John BLAKEY and Andrew BLAKEY were born in 1871.

Floyd BLAKEY was born in 1913.

On June 24
William W. FARMER Jr. was born in 1906.

Paul BLAKLEY, son of John and Jennie was born in 1907.

On June 25
Leola (LANKFORD) FARMER was born in 1915.

Ardell Jack WILLIAMS passed away in 1983.

On June 26
Noah "Dennie" Den DADE was born in 1880.

Adlene H. LANKFORD passed away in 1931.

On June 27
Ollie "Deke"BLAKEY was born in 1895.

On June 29
Perry Allen LIGHTNER was born in 1967

On June 30
Issac BLAKEY: Military accepted Isaac's birth day and year in 1847.
Isaac states birth year was 1845.

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