Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Elias W. Bartlett Family Connections: Lucy E. Bartlett

I can't recall how long I've been searching for Lucy E. (Bartlett) Mossell. I couldn't get nowhere for years. I had very little clues on her.

What I knew about her through records; she was the daughter of Elias W. Bartltett Sr. I wasn't for sure who her mother was. I presumed that her first name was Rachel, Elias's first wife.

I came across records of Lucy marrying a Joshua A. Mossell in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1900. Lucy was a school teacher. They had no children.

It wasn't until I posted a blog on Lucy's sister Sarah "Sallie" Bartlett Peyton, my search on Lucy unfolded. I found more on her. I was totally surprised on my discoveries.

It was on Friday the 13th of June when I made some fascinating discoveries. I was searching city directories online for Lucy Mossell. As I keep scrolling down the list, I came across a Laura A. Mossell. I checked her out.

At first, I couldn't see the connections on her. I saw another Mrs. Laura A. Mossell. I checked her address. Bingo! She was Lucy. I later found her, late husband's death date in the city directory. He passed on in March of 1909.

I couldn't find Lucy's death record in MO. But, I believed that she passed away in MO. My father said she went to Brookfield MO. However, I did find a Charles Bartlett who passed away in 1944. He was born in Carrollton, MO. I believed that he was Lucy's brother.

I believed that Lucy had remarried after her husband passed away. I wondered where Lucy passed away. I had one clue for the 1911 city directory. It stated that Mrs. Laura A. Mossell moved to Chillicothe, MO. And so my search was on.

I searched on for any Lucy E. in Livingston County MO. I came up with a Lucy E. Gross. I didn't make the connection at first. But, I believed that she was the one.

I keep searching the marriage records. I came up with a Lee E. Mossell who married a Geo A. Gross in St. Joseph, MO.  Geo was from Chillicothe. I put two and two together and noticed that the same Rev. that married Lucy and Joshua Mossell was the same Rev Chron.

Once I saw that connection, I started to check the Missouri Death records for Lucy Gross. I didn't find her. But, I found G. Albert Gross' death record. I keep searching for all the Lucy's in Livingston County Missouri. I saw one the caught my eyes.

As I was looking I was in awe. What I read was a Lucy E. Horan...a retired school teacher. Born in Carrollton, MO. Father's name ? Mr. Bartlett. Yes, I found Lucy! I was so happy.

The next day , June 13, 2014, I was up late searching for what records were online for Livingston County MO. I see that there was a newspaper. I searched it. I typed in Lucy. I was trying to connect the Lucy Gross with Lucy Horan. I believed that they were the same person.

Lo and behold I typed in Lucy Horan. And I located her obituary in the paper. It was Great Aunt Lucy. This confirmed what I thought about Charles Bartlett being her brother.  Also found Lucy's husband's obituary with other confirmation.

Lucy E. (Bartlett) Mossell Gross Horan's Obituary in Chillicothe Missouri newspaper.

Jackson William Horan's Obituary in  Chillicothe, Missouri newspaper.
I was happy to have found what I discovered. I was tired that night when I was searching online for Lucy. I'm glad that I keep looking.

I hope that others will search for their Bartlett Family Connections.  I believe that there are more info out there.  I'm so thankful for leads.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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