Monday, July 21, 2014

The Elias W. Bartlett Sr Family Connections: Charles Bartlett

Some time ago, I was searching the Missouri Death Records. I came across a Charles Bartlett. His race was black. He was born on August 28 1866 in Carrollton, Missouri. He passed on May 19, 1944 in Brookfield, Missouri. His parents were unknown.

As I read Charles' death record, I thought that he could have been one of the Bartlett connections. I believed that this Charles was the son of Elias W. Bartlett Sr. I didn't have any proof of that.

Through the years, I've been searching for info on the Bartlett connections in  Missouri. I remember my father telling me that  one of his Aunts moved to Brookfield. I assume that was his Lucy Mossell.

I started to search for Charles Bartlett in MO.There were two Charles Bartletts. I narrowed him down.  The one I found was married an Isabelle / Isabella Queensberry on November 29, 1894 in Brookfield, MO.  (I couldn't located them on the 1900 census.)

I later found Charles and his wife on the 1910 census. Charles and his two sons were listed as mulatto. The sons' names were Chancey Harold Bartlett who was born about 1900. And Roy C. Bartlett who was born about 1906 in MO.

Also I found Charles and his wife Isabella on the 1920 , 1930 and 1940 censuses in Brookfield, Missouri. They were listed on some of the city directories in Brookfield. According to Charles's death record he worked with Southwestern Bell.

It wasn't until June of 2014 when I made a breakthrough on the Bartletts. I come across the connection on who Charles' Bartlett was. I was reading a 1940 obituary that mentioned him as a brother who was living in Brookfield, Missouri. I was overwhelmed by that.

You know, I got more out of that obituary than what I was searching for. I was amazed to see my Great Aunt Lucy Horan's obituary. Yes, I got the confirmation on who Charles was.

I'm thankful for old newspapers. I think that there's more info out there in the newspapers. It's more than what I can image. I hope that I will find more clues on my family history. And even more descendants of Elias W. Bartlett Sr.   

Staying On The Journey...
Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

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