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The Elias W. Bartlett Sr Family Connections: Mother Of His Children

I've been thinking about my Great Grandfather, Elias W. Bartlett Sr. Most likely, he was born into slavery about 1822 in Kentucky. He fathered about 13 or 14+ children. He was recorded on the 1870  and 1880 censuses in Carroll County, Missouri with his family.

I was wondering Who were the mothers of Elias's children? This got me to thinking. Elias had children by Rachel Bartlett during the time of slavery.

Rachel was listed only on the 1870 census. The year of her death wasn't recorded.  She had at least 5 children. They were born from about 1854 to 1865 in MO. Their names were  believe to have been Warren, John, Fanny, Lena and Harriett Bartlett. These children were only listed on the 1870 census. Rachel could have had more children in the 1860's.

According to the 1880 census, Elias was listed with wife, Harriett and children Sallie, Charles, Lucy, Elias Jr. and William Bartlett who was born about 1852. (There was a Hannah Hooper listed as Elias' grandmother.)

I noted that Elias Jr was born about 1879. There was a 10 year gap between Lucy and Elias.  Also it appears that Sallie, Charles, and Lucy were not Harriett's children. They could have been Rachel's.

I've been searching for Sallie, Charles and Lucy on other censuses and city directories. I've noticed that they were listed as mulatto at least one record. There were times that they were listed as colored.

As I was searching for Myrtle Peyton, Harriett Bartlett's granddaughter, I came across Myrtle's mother's, Sallie / Sarah Petyon's maiden name. It was Shaw. I believe that Charles who was born about 1866, Sallie who was born about 1867, and Lucy who was born in 1869 may have had the same mother. Note that Myrtle was listed as mulatto on the 1900 census.

I believe that Charles Bartlett and Lucy (Bartlett) Horan didn't know who their mother was. Perhaps their mother passed away when they were young children. On  Charles's death record,
his parent's names were unknown. On Lucy's death record, Mr. Bartlett was listed as her father.

As for Harriett  Bartlett's children, they were listed as black on census records and city directories. Her children full names were Elias W. Bartlett Jr., Sam Bartlett, Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Lyle, Paul Bartlett and Juanita (Bartlett) Armstrong. According to the 1900 census, Harriett listed Lucy was her daughter.

It's interesting to discover things through what was recorded on our ancestors. I didn't think much about Elias' children until I kept coming across the word mulatto. In my research, I only came across three of his children who were listed as mulatto. 

Who were the mothers of Elias W. Bartlett Sr.?

In all, there was little info on Rachel Bartlett. Most likely, she was born into slavery about 1825 in Kentucky. And perhaps passed on in  Carrollton, Missouri. Her maiden name could have been Shaw. She could have had other children who died at a young age. There were a 10 year gap in Elais W. Bartlett Sr's children's birth.

As for Harriett Bartlett, she was born into slavery about 1848 in Missouri. Through researching her children I can conclude that Harriett's maiden name was Hooper. According to cemetery records Harriett passed on May 28, 1909 in St. Joseph, Missouri. In one of the city directory, Harriett was listed as the widow of Elias Bartlett.

Oh what great wonders wet can get out of life when searching for our family history. I hope that I can come across more info on the Elias W. Bartlett Sr. Family Connections.  I hope that others will search as well.

My we continue on the journey.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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