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Part 2: Blakey - White Families: The Year 1843

The first two sentences of this article:  

The introduction of the article gives some good information: the families surnames, a year, a name and the place; Riverside Park. The date of the article was not listed or the State where the reunion took place. I later found out the reunion was held in Iowa around 1971.  

According to one of the descendants, Ted Blakey from Yankton, South; a mother, and her four sons and a daughter came to New Orleans on a ship in 1843. I don't know where Ted Blakey got this info -

Ted could have been oral history from his father, Henry Blakey who passed down what he heard and or what others said about the family history. After researching, I came across the list of some of the slaves' names and the Blakey slave owners' names.

The article mention the year 1843 and a place. I can trace back to the year 1843 through information that I came across. But the article raises some questions about when the family came to New Orleans.
This article states that the mother and her children can on a ship from some where to New Orleans. That somewhere was perhaps Africa or from another State in America?  

Question: Did the mother and 5 children remain in New Orleans for a while before they were moved to MS? (There were some things in these two sentences that didn't match up with the other records that I have come across.)

By this article, the reader can assume that the mother and her children weren't born in America. Over the years, I wondered. Could there have been another generation that came from Africa? After researching, I did discovered that the mother of Isaac (and the other children) was born in VA. One of the mother's or father's children was born in VA. The mother's other children were born in MO.

I'm not trying to disprove any thing stated in the article: Slavery Descendants to Have First Reunion. I see some things in the article that brings questions. The reporter could have wrote down  incorrect information. Still there was a lot of information in this article. (That was what inspired me to began to search out what I could find.)

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