Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Part 1: Thoughts: Slavery Descendants to Have First Reunion


I can't recall when I first came across this news clipping. I think it was in the late 1970's.  Through the years, I began to search. I searched and I searched. I was trying to find information on the people in the article.

Through the years, I keep reading the article over and over. I gathered up information. I found some clues as I reread the article. But as I gathered more info, some things were mixed up and brought confusion.

Indeed there were so many same name relatives. I wondered, who was who? And questions that made me wonder. Why Blakey? Why White?

I made some interesting discoveries along the journey. Some discoveries, I thought; could never have been found out. I believe what I came across were blessings from God. I was so excited to find out more and more. So, I kept searching.

I couldn't have discovered what I know so far without assistance from others. I'm thankful for the people who God put in my pathway to help me. Thank You, Jesus!

I was hoping to find more people along this journey. And I did come across some contacts with family members through family reunions and some who kept in touch through corresponding through the mail.

What a journey it has been!
Thanks for reading.

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